Why live a fake life???

I am sure you’ll be like whats up with this woman today talking about fake life……yeaaaa guys fake life! i have always wanted to talk about this but something keeps coming my way……came across a quote earlier that says:

”fake people,hate honesty,it is the lies that keeps them feeling good about themselves and their lives,so share your true feelings about their actions and watch how they fade away…..”

I am telling you..these people fade away….i had issues with a  friend of recent who prefers to buy the latest iPhone,mac,all sort of makeups and all sort of expensive wears and perfumes….look…don’t get me wrong,it’s okay to have these things if you can afford them..meaning they won’t come in something else’s way….but a situation whereby you are so into buying all these and you cannot pay your rent and even buy food stuff…Haaa you even starve because you want to live a fake life……

you have been brainwashed by this life you are living.you are so obsessed with this life,you can’t just let go even when you know deep inside you that you are not happy

funny enough, people who actually live this kind of life are most at times the people who do not have to go extreme to be happy,guys all you need is contentment,just be contented with what you have and save yourself,friends and family members the embarrassment of landlords chasing you around,friends pursuing you to get their cloth or money back and so on……

And the funny part is when you get to talk to these people and they are like ”it is my life i don’t care what other people think about it” yeee!!….are you serious!!! mahhn,people are only telling you cos they care about you and they do not want you dwelling the wrong part…so keep the attitude to yourself…at the end of the day other people would also be involved when you eventually land yourself into some kind of problem/trouble….966d8f938fa30d8e35976b05f65e8988

if you have to live the wealthy and classy life as people term it,then work hard and try balance all aspects/areas in your life,that way peace of mind will not be far away from you and you will live your life peacefully!………

And that’s it guys

Much love 🙂

 Edited by: Zainab-Nawal Mijinyawa

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