Why ‘Explicit but Halal’?

When the prophet said Islam is Hayaaa (Modesty), he never meant we should shy away from certain issues and as a matter of fact, he admonished that we spread knowledge even if it is just one verse but the opposite is what we see today.

A young Lady who is due to get married is to get herself educated online because it’s haram to discuss certain things,shuyuks would rather discuss politics than talk about these issues and when the youth eventually muster courage to ask certain questions that are termed taboo, they get told to send an e-mail which is never responded to.

How is it that the book of Fiqh is filled with different questions related to women/intimacy/purity e.t.c., yet we fail to discuss these issues, The prophet who is the best of mankind answered different questions that were posed to him by women and he never for once felt shy to answer them.

A mother is quick to tell her daughter to bring home a husband but she would spend her time discussing Aso-ebi, How many times they will be traveling to Dubai in preparation for the wedding but forget to educate her daughter on things that happen in marriage and on the day her daughter is leaving, she then feels the need to to repeatedly say things like ” You have seen how I have lived with your father, live with your husband in the same way”….. Yaa Rabbi!

A friend recently called and asked that I tell her what to pack in her bag as she was to be taken to her mother in laws house first before hers and she will be spending some days there, I had exams the next day so I told her to ask her Mum, she exclaimed! “Are you kidding me! Like one shameless child!” I then said, “if you can’t have this yes or no talk with your mum, what kind of conversations do you then have…?” Sigh..I then proceeded to tell her what I thought was necessary for her to pack…

A couple of days later I got a message from the same person: “ what color of bedsheet should I lay? Look! I know I should have educated myself online and I tried but all these white people be speaking some kind of English that doesn’t tally at all, to be honest, I got bored…”

What other questions did she ask afterward? I am yet to receive any since we sorted the color of the bedsheet…

You might now ask, how is it possible that someone is that naive in this world of social media? As Muslims, rarely can you relate to the preachings of certain pages on social media…. People can’t talk about marriage now without saying things like “chances are that you weren’t a virgin before you got married or there is no way you got married without you both getting physical”

Excuse you!How do you even go ahead to spend 5 extra minutes on such kind of page?….

Shuyuks won’t discuss it, Mother’s shy away from it, Social Media exaggerates it, how then do we get educated in a modest way?

The above question gave birth to “Explicit but Halal”. Here on EBH, we will be discussing marriage-related issue, From health to beauty to intimacy (name it!) in an explicit but Halal way….All post will be Anonymous and comments shall be as well depending on the content of your comment, so long as you choose to be anonymous, you will remain anonymous, if you have an article that is in line with what EBH is all about, please reach out to us and if you will like to contribute to this segment or you know someone who will be willing, please reach out as well…

We pray that Allah SWT makes it easy, Amin.Jazakumullah Khair for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe…

23 thoughts on “Why ‘Explicit but Halal’?”

  1. Finally! Someone has taken the bull by the horns The pretence need to stop, people need to know details about marriage than the famous make sure you always cook at the right time for your husband. Your husband also needs some other food!!! We need to learn. Thank you TBLT for this. Can’t wait!!!!

  2. MASHA ALLAH. I am here for this segment. Please which days and time should we be expecting your posts. Tbh is high time matters like this are talked about , because small things like this are leading to unhappy marriages and even worst broken homes. Jazakhillah kairan

    1. Very true, time and day(s) will be communicated, A number of Married sisters are Involved and you know how things can be with them.Busy and all..May Allah make it easy for us all

  3. I was talying about this yesterday, we all deserve the explicit talk. Some of us has made certain mistakes because of lack of understanding, may Allah forgive us 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. I look forward to us raising a generation better than ours where our kids will stand out amidst all the chaos and act based on their own freewill and choices because they understood the repercussions of their actions

  4. SubhanAllah! Its a topic that is very much needed. Can’t wait to read all the contributions. May Allah mk it easy 4 us.

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