What Votes and Brooms can do! Nigerians celebrate:New party,New President

Incase you don’t know what brooms and votes can do,hmmm,i will tell you Today..today! Today!Acsualli….hehehehehe…Barakah! Did u just say Acsualli?!!!….i mean Actually! Don’t mind me ooo jare..i really wanted to type that ‘Acsualli’…it sound nice abi…i know…

So yes,Nigerians have been celebrating,i am telling you serious celebration ooo,i mean according to Mrs Adeola Fayehun,my one and only personal person…the last time we celebrated this much was when Abacha died….And i am so not joking! I am not really a politics person,the truth is i don’t even like politics but what can i do! Chaiii…

So yea!the gist is not new ooo,i am just been a good Nigerian by blogging this…Yea! I am a proud Nigerian,Anytime,’HenyDay…Yelzz… And again, the President Elect is from My state.Chaii,president Buhari,you have to do Nigerians and Nigeria good ooo,haa! Otherwise!

Anyways,the president Elect is General Mohammadu Buhari and Prof Osinbajo as his Vice of the party with the broom Logo.Nooo Noo,those people made broom something! Haa Haa!No!!! Now i have a newly found respect for broom and broom sellers/makers,Una try oo my people,Una well done….. Whatelse are you waiting for?hehehehe,his date of birth,his children,how he ruled years back…..???!!! Haa! If i hear say i talk about those things! They are alot of videos on YouTube with enough info,go and watch…

But Seriously,President Goodluck and his wife will be greatly missed,i am telling you,Really!Most especially Mrs Patience…i know what is going through your mind,me! I yaff not said anything oooo but for thinking what you thought….Diaris God!

And again,Kudos to Mr Jega,Hayya! He had to redeem himself this election,now he can freely go anywhere without been stoned,and people can sing well about him…..i am sure we all had fun with the hashtag #whatwillJegado….lol..i salute Nigerian ooo.dey can surely make something out of anything…

Apparently,we also now have serious first lady and second lady,those people speak english,i mean serious english…but you never can tell,Nigerians and their hashtags,anything could come up…but i am sure not as much as we had in the last 6 years…

I Pray this change comes with peace,unity,good economy and security in Nigeria…Amen


President Elect and wife…..


Vice President and wife…..

I might be quite for a while,yea! My sister is getting married, the semester is coming to an end,Ramadan is fast approaching,i want to make my blog better as well and so on but be rest assured,when i come back,will come with full force,i will try stop by once in a while cos i am so used to blogging/writing.so don’t miss me too much ehn…It’s all for good,i truly Apologies.

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And that’s it guys…

Thank you for stopping by….

Until next time,

I love you all ☺

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