What Happened!…… Introducing “Know This?”

Hmmmmm…..so many “what happened” messages…nothing ooo my people,nothing bad. I told you guys of my break and alot of other things i had to do,yeaaaaa yeah! It was never meant to be easy,we just have to keep our heads up……

Hope everyone is fine,i have miiiiiiiiiiiiissed you guys,serious missing ooo,no jokes and the only reason why i stayed this long without publishing is because i wanted to share some of the wedding photos (my sisters wedding) and experience with you guys but unfortunately still have to put some stuffs in place,as soon as i can,i will (God’s willing)….

And Again,i will be introducing “Know this?” onto my blog. Just to spice things up.i believe so much in knowledge.you get to have fun and at the same time add to your knowledge….

I am sure you are like what is this all about,”know this?” is pretty much random knowledge. Knowledge you just stumble across and feel other people should know,it could be anything,anythiiiiing really.that way i get to connect with you guys even more..i just hope it’s gonna be fun.

And yes,i have been blogging,i have not just been publishing because i have been toooooooo busy to edit,as soon as i do,they will be available…

And that’s it guys,
Until next time.
I love y’all ☺

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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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