What friends can do to you

You sure  know I am gonna be apologising..I can’t believe the last time i blogged was last year….Chaiii!!!! How dare me?!  But my people ehn, you know now?! It is not easy to be a medical student naa….all the same ehn,i apologise….this won’t and shouldn’t happen agaaaaaaain!!!!…..

So back to the matter…..

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly it is your friends are doing,have done or will do to you?????
I want to believe yes,but if not,you can ask now…:D
I don’t like to bore you with long write- ups or serious english sha … But I ask myself these questions every now and then :- “Am i living my life or that of my friends??”
“Do my friends make me a better person or do they make me worse?”
“Can i live a minute without my friends, or will I be happier without them?”

One way to determine if your friends are having a positive effect on you is to gauge your mood after you’ve been with them. Do you leave feeling energized and happy? If so, chances are your friends are a good influence to your mind and body

By contrast, if you spend an entire day with your friends and feel out-of-sorts or guilty afterwards, your pals may not be as positive as they could be. Your friends don’t necessarily need to encourage you to run marathons or help you brainstorm ideas for the next great American novel, but they do need to give you an all-around good feeling.

When deciding whether or not your friends are a good influence, it’s important to look at the overall big picture. Your friends don’t need to be perfect (because none of us are), but they should encourage you. A friend who is a negative influence may want you to:

Gossip,Gamble or spend money you don’t have.Make choices that will hurt you or your family.Engage in illegal activities.
Shun your other friends

Your true friends, original paddies, sisters/brothers, homies etc should encourage a healthy lifestyle (since it’s something we all should adhere to), but the reality is that you might just splurge on your diet once in a while or skip your exercise class in favor of a movie. It’s not the day-to-day activities you look at when determining if someone is good for you. Rather, it’s the overall effect someone has on your life.

Your friends could be either positive or negative to you.
Friends can make you do the worst as well as the best.
Friends can make you do things you never have imagined doing either positive or negative
Friends can be everything as well as nothing
If at the end of the day you are able to figure out the kind of friends you have then we can talk about ‘how to live/deal with both positive and negative friends “

I really don’t know why I am happy and just realise I did not wish you guys a happy 2015….chaiiiii…I no try at all…biko! Pardon me…..Happy 2015 guys. I pray this year brings loads of goodies….and I pray we all find our true paddies this year(that’s for those of you who don’t have). Me, sha I have tons of them.. Ehn. So God Bless them for me and keep us 2geda. “Be happy for me jare”:mrgreen:

And that’s it….
Tank you “fely fely moorsh” for reading
Until next time
I love you all?

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