What 2021 feels like

I am not even going to lie ehn, It has been growth upon growth for me, this year I have been blessed and challenged but in it all, Alhamdulillah..

I have embarked on various projects which turned out successful, Motherhood has not been the easiest of rides, If you ask me, I think it’s the major thing that has kept me on my feet this year and as hard as it is, It has shaped my life positively..

TBLT has been growing as well, Our various platforms, the Qur’an community, the water projects and currently working to put out more projects and collaborations In shaa Allah..

I also published an e-book, This one is actually a shocker, If you asked me in February If I had plans to publish a book this year, I would have asked you to go and sleep but look who is now an author, I have received positive feedbacks and criticisms since publishing the book and that I am grateful for.

Work and family have been great, life has been fair to me I can’t even complain, I am slowly getting a hang of this motherhood thingy and I can tell you for a fact that I am back to giving you the content you signed up for bi’ithnillah. So stay glued. I do hope you are fine and life has been smiling your way..

See you in my next post in Shaa Allah..

Assalamu Alaikum…

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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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