Tips on how to wear white.

White is an inherently positive color and it is often associated with purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection but guess what? I find it so hard to wear white! What annoys me is how I struggle with this beautiful color yet whenever I wear it, I get all the compliment in the world. People say things like “You look so good in white”, “Oh! you should wear white more”! Whaaaat! You had to say that only when I wear this color?

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On a serious note Though, We all know not everyone is comfortable wearing white. I wouldn’t neccessarily call it Leukophobia (Phobia for white), I just can’t stand a stain on white! I feel like my attention will literally be on that stain the whole day! which often times affect mu focus. So I get extra cautious whenever I wear them and i don’t like the feeling tht comes with having to be extra careful. I initially thought I was the only one, Until I had the conversation with few people and discovered we were on the same page.

And yea! Shout out to every single lady out there who rocks white effortlessly! I want some of your courage Biko!

Somebody cannot remain like this. Life is all about moving forward. So I thought, Is it not this white? we must wear it! So hear are tips on how to rock white beautifully.

Don’t be intimidated: White is one Intimidating color. You see it and Immediately tell yourself No! not today! For no reason! It’s time to go all yes on it! Hello! Who says you must wait till your wedding day to rock it! Thou shall not be intimated, It should not dictate what you should do with it, You make the decision and rock it effortlessly.

Don’t over think wearing it: So long as your dress fits the occasion, go for it! Thinking of what will happen if you stumble upon someone holding a glass of drink at the event or the kind of food they will serve at the event takes us back to the color intimidating you. Look pass all that and if you have to think, think about how well you can slay in that outfit.

Pair it up with the right colors In and out: If you do otherwise, you might only get to see people staring at you in a weird way, which might just drag your confidence from 100 to 0.Biko! we don’t want to be seeing some funny colors from the underneath. Take your time to plan the outfit layer by layer.

Go all out: If you find it difficult to pair it up with other colors, Biko! Wear all white, it only makes you look fresh and classy.

Don’t over accesorize: White doesn’t want so much glitz, The color already makes you classy, Don’t go and over do things in the name of fashion. Keep it simple with light accessories, light make up and complete your look with your cool shade and your phone. Walaa… You are good to go.

That’s it guys.

What are your tip(s) for wearing white? Please Tag me on any white outfit of yours on Instagram and let’s all get inspired together.

See you in my next post!

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