They Remember you For Aso-Ebi

Una do well ooo jare my People…i hope you guys are enjoying the fasting period,Although we are already preparing for sallah…

So i noticed something and i felt it would be nice to share it with you guys or get you guy’s opinion over it…

Those friends! Those Friends that barely keep intouch but Remember you when it’s time for their wedding.

It’s either they are short of bridesmaids or just want you to buy their expensive Aso-Ebi!


I am Usually not the wedding type,but you must agree with me that there are some weddings you just can’t skip….meaning i honour the invitation once in a while…

I fell into a trap once of buying an Aso Ebi of a long time friend cos she kept on pleading and pressurising and even after the wedding she failed to keep intouch and even when i do,she gives’s been Years now without communication. So was thinking is it worth it?! Why should i buy Aso-Ebi of someone who is barely close to me and barely wants to!?
Abegiiii! there are alot of things to do with that money…the last time i checked,i have other beautiful clothes to wear if i must attend your wedding.
Don’t even think you can trap me with being part of your bridesmaids or the worse one being your chief bridesmaid so that i will buy all d expensive expensive …E NO GO WORK!
Don’t get me wrong,there are some weddings that you go with friends, ladies do that alot! I.e when a friend ask you to see her off to a wedding and she gets the Aso-Ebi for you,that’s a different case entirely…You just go have fun and come back with all the gist



We Planning my sisters wedding opened my eyes to alot ( probably will be blogging alot about weddings). Some people get married early,while some people get married late.Now if you get married late,it means probably most of your close friends must have gotten married. And we all know getting married friends down to weddings is not always easy,cos most times they always have little kids to take care of, such kind of people are not even considered for chief bridesmaid or even part of the bridesmaids.this makes you begin to consider your cousins and if they are too young,then you begin to consider those friends you haven’t kept intouch with… Sorry for You!

Some people can be nice though, people like me before…lol! i l gladly come and help make your day.but now,Mba. Don’t remember me for only Aso Ebi…i yaff pass that level..U gerrit…?!
Here is a little expo(For those People that find it hard to keep intouch) : As soon as you realise you will be getting married,don’t wait until the date is fix,no shame!,begin to network.Apologies for not keeping intouch,then few months to your wedding tell them about the wedding,network your Aso-Ebi and even after the wedding keeeeeeeep in Touch!
Yelz! But don’t look for my number few weeks to the wedding and begin to tell me about one Aso-Ebi…
I am sure we can Relate…Most especially the ladies….
After typing this much,i still feel there is something missing.don’t hesitate to share your experience,opinions e.t.c

I wish my Muslim Peeps a Blissful Eid(sallah) celebration..

And that’s it guys
Until next time
I love you all ?

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