The ”WHY ARE YOU SKINNY?” Question And The word ”Skinny”….

Hahahaha! so i got a new name ”The Jare Madam” and when i asked why,i was told i use a lot of ”jare ooo” on my Blog,.. couldn’t stop laughing.It’s not my fault ooo,Nigerians use a lot of jare/joor when they talk but ”we cool like that”..Hope you guys are doing well…

Let’s get to it…..(it sounds like the ”jare madam” will be using a very serious tone today)

The Que ”Why are you skinny?”!

Apparently some people think that Que is very offensive and some people think it’s not (According to my Little survey).The one question i ask every time is:
why is it that when you call someone FAT they get so offended but think the word skinny is nothing to be offended about.

Skinny According to wiki: (of a person or part of their body) unattractively thin.
“his skinny arms”. Synonyms: thin, scrawny, scraggy, bony, angular, raw-boned, hollow-cheeked, gaunt, as thin as a rake, skin-and-bones, stick-like, size-zero, emaciated, skeletal, pinched, undernourished, underfed;

Really,After a long conversation with a friend who is constantly been called skinny,and making my findings, comparing my own experiences as well as having deep thoughts,been called ”Skinny” can just be as offensive as been called ”FAT”…..
For some people (like me) who truly care less cos i think the way you feel about yourself and the way you carry yourself is what really matters…you can talk as much as you want ,the most important thing is i feel good about myself…….

For me I think either way you’re telling someone there’s something wrong with you.
It’s not acceptable to walk up to a Big person and say “You should eat less.” Why is it okay to walk up to a slim one and advise them to eat more? I Mean why are you so sure that it has to do with food???


Think about it: You ask the que Why are you so skinny? what answer are you expecting? Really! e.g: I have extremely high metabolism,i have a small skeleton,i mean Really,what? And again some people will also take it to the next level by saying you are Anorexic…..Really! is that even something to joke about…….

If i won’t say,why are you so FAT,why say Why are You so Skinny…..these kind of comment affect people’s self esteem some people will say it is a compliment,and try to be like,it’s good you are skinny,i disagree,why would you choose the word skinny over Slim?

And for those people who have this same issue,the trick is, try build yourself Esteem to a level,don’t allow people define you,those kind of comments should come like flash,they shouldn’t sink at all,and be sure you are healthy,look into the mirror,thank God for how beautiful He created you and begin to see yourself as that amazing,stunning,Beautiful YOU…… and keep smiling

And for those who still will disagree,Na una sabi ooo, We slim people, ”We fine Like that”…But seriously Ehn,Biko!please! stop calling people skinny,it’s not Good (hehehehe,see how nice i am)

Before i go,i would like to say a big thank you to everyone who have supported,is supporting and will support,i mean so much love,on top this ”Jare” i write for you guys every time,the messages,advice and so on,you guys are Awesometastic. Una do well

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So,keep reading and keep loving me oo cos me,i

love y’all …..

And that it,

Until next time,

I Love Y’all Wella

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