The diary of a fresh graduate: the word “approved”.

Yaaay.It’s a final goodbye. My supervisor finally approved my work. This time I would be going home fully but before then I refuse to leave this place without having my last memory of this area. I had spent all that I had on my project but we need to celebrate this news, it’s not easy to finish your project in Nigeria. I wanted suya but there was no money.

Read the Project and project supervisors.

That same night, I learnt I could offer my printed paper and corrected papers in exchange for suya. I wasted no time at all but hey, the process was hilarious you could tell the look on the suya man’s face like “see these fine girls are using style to beg for suya. Hey, we didn’t beg it was trade by batter. Lol! Anyways my friends and I had enough suya and garri that night, if you are an average Nigerian student you will get my drift.

“Never throw away/burn your papers, you can always exchange them for suya/akara/fried yam/puff puff” Well that’s if you are not a porch student.

Okay, now I am done with my project, I am officially done with school.Hurray! Time to turn up at all the owambes I have been invited for. time live my life to the very fullest and time to stop managing like I use to in school. my last weeks, I literally had 3 golden penny, 1 marcarooni, spagetti, and noodles and guess what, I kept on cooking altogether and having all that concoction mostly in the morning for breakfast all in the name if broke/managing. Lord! Shout out to every Nigerian student, the hustle is real. The thoughts of going home to waking up every day to a nice meal by momma was just cool.The excitement was real. But wait! After the owambes what next? Nysc system is a mess in Nigeria because some people graduated for a while now and they are still yet to be posted. I was having that thought when my dad called me, I informed him I was coming home and brought up the issue of what I was gonna be doing at home. Well, trust the typical Nigerian parent to say “You just come home first”. Anyways was just thinking ahead as I plan to do practically nothing for a month as I have to honor all the owambe invitation that I have already and let me just add that my tailor never disappoints (well only because she isn’t a typical Nigerian)…

As much as I am excited, the emotions are just as real. I am actually done with the undergraduate struggle. Oh wow!

The thought of going back seem fun and at the same time overwhelming for some reason.

What was the feeling like for you the day your project got approved? What was going home like for you? What were the things you experienced at home as a graduate? Please share in the comment section.

Catch me in my next post as I will literally be baring it all on what you go through in a Nigerian home as a graduate.

Let the journey officially begin….


Written by Rafiah.

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