Stop making Dua like this! – Muhammad Alshareef

“There’s one thing that really irks me… and I mean really irks me, when people lower their Duas because they don’t see how anything bigger is possible for them.

In other words…

Asking to simply pass an exam because they can’t see how acing it is possible.

Or asking for any stable job because they can’t see how having one they love AND thrives for them is possible.

Or asking for any place of residence because they can’t see how having the home they really want is ever possible.

The Prophet taught us to ask for the highest level of Jannah, no matter who you are and what you’ve done.

See it isn’t about you and your capabilities.

It isn’t about how you think it’s going to happen.

It’s all about your trust in Allah.

See, Dua is never just your last resort. It is your first, last and every time in between.

Do this right now:

Jot down a Dua you’d like to make. Now make it bigger.”

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