Una do well ooo jare my people.i know my fellow nigerians are dealing with fuel scarcity,so because you all are not happy with the present situation,i am not happy too cos your pain is my pain,but i shall still is well with Nigeria….Amen!

Let’s get to it,Tribal Marks!

kilode!??? what Ahhpin??! why do you want to kill yourself because of your tribal marks, a situation you can’t change,you blend with it,you can’t erase why die??? if you think nobody likes your mark,Me i love it!! don’t die ooo

Now let’s get this straight:

Across the major and minor tribes in Nigeria, tribal marks have become a way of identification. Such marks reveal instantly, the tribe of anybody who has such a mark. In Yoruba land, tribal marks are an age-long practice of identification of peoples’ origin.

These tribal marks are created using sharp instruments such as razor blades, knives or glass and in some cases, flesh is cut from the skin to create a gash, which later heals and leaves a permanent pattern on the body. in the old days when there were inter-tribal wars, tribal marks were used as a source of identification.“People who were migrating to other places had these marks given to them as a mark of identification so that whosoever came in contact with them would know instantly where they were coming from.

There are tribal marks that tell you instantly that someone is an Egba man, an Ilaje person or an Ijesha man.There are also big families that have their family marks and wherever they see each other, they would recognise themselves from the marks on their faces or hidden elsewhere in their bodies.An individual’s tribe or family typically dictates the pattern in which tribal marks are inscribed on their faces, stomach or legs. Specific families are charged with the responsibility of creating these marks. These household names are also used to sing their praises. The skill of making these marks is passed from one generation to another.”  (history long,i no sabi story!)


When you have tribal marks,you will be called all sort of names,certain people might reject you,getting your kind of woman or man might be hard,people might feel or think you are uneducated.i won’t even say i understand before you bounce on me.i can see you saying “you can never understand” already

Personally,it’s not all about those marks or your face,it’s all about you,i have friends,relatives with tribal marks and not for once have i ever looked down on them or feel i am in anyway better,as a matter of fact,i almost will forget they have any.and i have never asked anyone if they fought tiger or not.(the usual phrase).

However, the one thing that is common with people with these marks is the fact that most of them complain about it every now and then,and most of them look down upon themselves…Kilode!(Why!). I really don’t find that nice at all.some will almost kill themselves cos of have marks,you have marks already,but because you see yourself as nothing and you degrade yourself so much,your true self almost never reflect,you keep hiding behind these marks.

Que:who said people with marks can’t be what they want to be???

Accept it,live with it,stand solid and live your life the way you want to,don’t let the fact that people will laugh,make jokes,tease you,reject you bring you the world what you have got.let your beautiful voice be heard and teach people to love your tribal marks by loving them yourself.

You think no one believes in you,that’s not true,cos i do!,You think you don’t look good,i don’t think so,you look even more than not let your tribal marks hinder your success at all.when people laugh at you,crack those crazy jokes,join them in doing it,they will get tired and stop and if your husband/wife never come,na time never don’t die cos of that oooo jare!.Even people wey no get tribal marks they look for spouse,it’s called “21st Century Wahala”

You aren’t the only one who get rejected,laughed at,teased and so on.but only you alone knows you,your goals and your when those things happen,you just wanna let them slide and keep your head up so as to be that person you want to be.

Tribal marks might want to affect your self esteem,but you shouldn’t allow it. your self esteem should be kept intact.

Tribal marks or no tribal marks,you fine like that and i like you like that ooo…

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until next time,

i love you all 🙂


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