Sauce in a hole recipe

I find it hard to digest bread, so for me to be able to eat it, I always have to either toast or fry it. I got tired of doing those and I just wanted to try something new… On this very faithful day, A friend posted this recipe on her WhatsApp story and I thought perfect! Coupled with the fact I had some slices of bread that just won’t finish. Well, time to try something new…Ingredients:

2 slices of bread
2 eggs
Bell pepper (green and red)Seasonings
Groundnut oil..
Butter, Shredded cheese, Carrot

Step 1:
Shape out the center of your bread into any shape of your choice. Mine was a circle, yours could be a heart. it could be any shape, to be honest…Do not eat the shape you cut out ooo, I know it can be tempting

Step 2:
Chop chicken, carrots, bell peppers, onions into a pan, add seasoning and stir-fry to your taste and then set aside..

Step 3
Get another pan and place on a very low heat.

Step 4
Glaze pan with butter and glaze the part of the bread you are placing into the pan with egg (lightly)

Step 5
Scoop in your bell pepper, onion e.t.c into the middle part I.e the part you cut out initially and then add some egg to help hold it together.

Step 6:
Add sprinkle cheese and then cover the center with the shape you cut out to make the slice whole again, ensure it is leveled.

Step 7:
Glaze that part with egg and then flip.
Leave on for some minutes on very heat to enable the other part turn brown.

And then serve with a hot cup of tea! It’s okay, you can always thank me Later…


And that’s it, please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section if you have any and should Incase you replicate this, do not hesitate to tag @thebkaytribe on Instagram

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