I was studying some days back in school and someone approached me and was asking why i had chocolates on my handouts, The nigerian me was going to say  “Helllllloooo” but the other nigerian me responded nicely….

I don’t usually have that much time to myself as i get caught up doing a lot, If school is on, Medical classes and books are enough to keep me busy and during holidays, i jump from one city to the other for development work. So because I am always busy and i always say  “whatever you are doing, Do it well”,I take my time and put all energy into whatsoever i am doing, For this reason, I feel i should be rewarded and don’t get it twisted in  most cases ” The reward is from me to me”. Yea Right! I love when i have to genuinely reward myself.

Back to the reason i had chocolates on my table, You don’t have to be a medical student to know that we are always stressed and we always have alot to read and sometimes after a long day, you still have handout and textbook lined up for you, so when i am tired and have to deal with my notes, I usually have my favourite snack on my study table  and i tell myself “Barakah, You aren’t having the snack now, Until you are sincerely done with 20 slides (or more)” sounds funny right? but i have practised this for long, Although it kind of requires discipline but it works for me…

Now to the big reward and this is  when i have undergone so much stress ( not necessarily physical,could be mental) over a goal. You know that feeling when you can’t just wait to finish something successfully  which could be exams, event, shopping (you took all time planning for) and so on. When you eventually finish, you just want to give yourself a nice treat… What alot of us do is, WISH! you hear us saying things like “How i wish someone will just be nice to take me out on a date or for shopping” and so on. and the question i ask is, who says you can’t take you out and give yourself a nice treat, who say you can’t eat out or you can’t get you that dress you have always wanted, I understand the feeling of wanting someone to treat you special but at the same time i refuse to overlook the fact that you can always be happy if you really want to.

I developed the habit of treating myself nice a long time ago and i love it, Times when i want to go bowling and i know it will only be fun if i go with friends, i personally buzz them up and give us all a treat, it only takes planning. And times when i just want to ease out stress, i check for a really nice restaurant, dress up, order a cab and find my way to having a “me” Time where i get to chill, relax and think straight as to what next i have to do and if i need a friend to come along, again i buzz… Trust me it’s that easy.

Rewarding you could be having a nice and peaceful sleep, doing what you have always wanted to do, getting yourself what you have always wanted, Guysss it could be as little as taking chilled water or a scoop of ice cream… All i am saying is Make you Happy and tell you Weldone! when you have to.

Remember, You have to treat YOU well for someone else to treat YOU well….

How do you reward you? I would love to know in the comment section..




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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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  1. Hahaha Barakah I’d like to be your friend oo. Buzz me up for bowling and food you know ?? The reward system works for me too when it comes to academics but I reward myself mostly with good sleep. ?

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