Salmon-Rich Efo

Recipe: Salmon-rich Efo Riro!

Salmon is an expensive fish but trust me it is worth the price, I like how it easily cooked and easily manipulated as well.. My typical Yoruba friend got the fish for free and then called to ask me what to do with it, In her words: “I want to eat good food (solid food), not one of those sinrenren you make”..(Laughs), And the first thing that came to my mind was Salmon-rich Efo Riro! I once had Salmon rich ogbono which I thought was delicious, so why not just try to have it with Efo riro then, I stepped out to the store to get my own Salmon and Vegetables and here is how I had my mouth watery:


Sliced Spinach Leaves

Salmon Fish


Assorted Meat

Sliced Onions

Bell peppers

scotch bonnet peppers

Iru (Locust beans)

Palm oil

Maggi cubes/ salt



  1. Rinse and boil your meat
  2. Cut your Efo, rinse with cold water and set aside
  3. Blend your bell pepper + scotch bonnet pepper, Boil in a separate pot to drain the water from the paste (you can choose not boil, but I always do)
  4. Get a pot and pour your Palm oil into the pot on a low heat, (do not bleach), pour in your sliced onions and your locust beans, then transfer your well-drained paste from the other pot in the mixture.
  5. Spice up the mixture i.e add Maggi, salt, garlic, ginger e.t.c to your taste, You can also add the meat stock and leave to cook for few minutes
  6. Then gently place in your well-rinsed Salmon, ensure it is a deboned salmon, cover and let it cook, at this pin you can either cook on low heat or add a bit of water…
  7. When salmon is cooked, It begins to break itself,stiring the mixture will help break it more…
  8. By now, the mixture will seem thick and the Aroma will be all over the place, Add your well rinsed Efo and then stir until you are satisfied with the looks…
  9. Leave to cook for about a minute and then turn off the heat, Do not overcook your Efo it will turn black.

Serve with any kind of solid, I don’t like solid so I always have mine with rice…

There is this really nice aroma that salmon gives your Efo, That alone will make eat so much of the Efo, I promise I am not exaggerating…

I am sure you want to know which is better, That of Ogbono or Efo? trust me! both taste delish! Don’t let any International person intimidate you with Salmon, You now know what to do with it, whenever you see it…

What do you do you do with your Salmon as a Nigerian? feel free to let me know in the comment section and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask as well…

Please tag us in your pictures when you make your very own “Salmon rich Efo Riro”…


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