“I am ready to do something with my life.”

Somewhere inside you, you know you are meant for more but just like most people you aren’t clear on what exactly your purpose is but you know you have one, finding your purpose, your mission, your life goal can sure be a long road. For some of us there is a vision that seems difficult to interpret, while for others, there is no vision at all.

We find ourselves living each day as it comes, trying everything and enjoying various experiences, learning all sort of skills that might not necessarily be connected to our purpose. As time wasting as that seems, All of those should lead us to a to a tipping moment that gives us clarity as to what exactly we are made for. So it is important that we trust that it’s a process and a part of human nature.

Believe it or not, you don’t just ask that question “What’s my purpose in life?” and get a magical answer. Of course, if you are a Muslim, you know your first and main purpose in life is to serve Allah, so you might want to think channel now…

There is something you are created for, something you are meant to be doing, something that pleases God and at the same time makes you and other people happy. What is that thing?

We uncover our life purpose through prayers, experimentation, self exploration and never ending shear. Some of us aren’t happy because we get caught up doing just one thing for the rest of lives with the ” I don’t have a choice, I have to pay bills, it has to work attitude” not knowing that we box ourselves in the process. Shall we begin to allow ourselves to move into the next phase of life..?

While some people are in the early phase of the search, some are at the final stage, they know what their purpose is, However they are so scared to claim it, Shall we begin to question why we aren’t claiming our purpose yet? Fear? Failure?

“I have no Idea what I want to do with my life” is a statement we all make, how about something nicer and even more positive? Some of us make this statement or get really confused because we think purpose means doing just one thing, Well No, It could be multiple.

To find that place, start first by going deeper, broader and asking yourself: “what is the story that I will love to see unravel in front of me and What inspires about it?, What do you want to experience on a daily, weekly or monthly basis excitement? : making a difference, adventure e.t.c, Note down the ones that you must experience routinely that will make you happy and fulfilled..

Often time, you are familiar with your purpose you just wouldn’t let it manifest, most of the time we ignore the light by giving excuses like: I am too old, too young, I am too poor or by fitting in e.t.c… Enough of the excuses, Enough of the  “I don’t know what to do with my life” it’s time for the “I am ready to do something with my life..”



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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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