PRE-RAMADHAN SERIES #2: Supplications…

Salam beautiful souls!

As Allah wills, good deeds are rewarded immensely in the month of Ramadan.
By learning and mastering non-cultural duaas, you’d be helping yourself a big time because not every Muslim would have all the time to do the Ramadan routine from completing a whole Qur’an or two, attend tafsirs and all of that even though they are best-recommended deeds.
One great thing about supplication is that when you’ve mastered Duas, you can make them easily and as much as you wish. Beautifully, you earn rewards for every single word. Subhanallah! 

Some certain sayings taught by the messengers of Allah have special and enormous rewards only if we learn and make them part of our everyday life.

so I’d be sharing a few easy ones with you below, I hope that you sincerely learn more and say them a lot.

Abu Hurayrah (Ra) narrated that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: ‘Whoever says: SUBHANALLAHI WA BI HAMDI (Praise and glory be to Allah 100 times, morning and evening, his sins will be erased even if they are like the foam on the sea.”[Bukhari]

“My Lord, forgive me and my parents and he who enters my home as a believer, and all believing men and women.” (Surah Noor 71:28)

Ubaadah ibn as-Samit Radi Allahu anhu related that the prophet Sallallahu alayhi was salam said:

Whosoever seeks forgiveness for the believing men and women, Allah will record for that person- equivalent to every believing man and woman- a good deed.”

Subhanallah! Isn’t Islam just too beautiful?

I really hope that you learn more and say them a lot. (You could get little Islamic texts like Fortress of a Muslim, and Citadel of the believer)

Sadly, these Duas are shorter than lyrics of songs that many of us have in our head (Not saying Music is a right concept in Islam though).

Yaa Allah! Forgive the believing men and women and make us reach Ramadan. Ameen

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