Pre-Ramadhan series #1:start now..

It becomes too late on the first day of Ramadan!

It’s some days to our beloved Ramadan, Ma shaa Allah and we can’t go from a life of doing just little Ibadah(worship) to suddenly fasting and making extra prayers and reading Quran all day long/overnight. If we try to do that, most of us will burn out within the first week.

So instead of waiting until Ramadan is upon us, let’s take these simple yet good steps to prepare yourself for the holy month of Ramadhan..


Start Fasting Now!

There’s no reason to wait until Ramadan to start fasting. You can start now. There are certain days of the week and certain times of the month when it’s preferred to fast.
Begin fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. If you can’t do both days, then choose just one of them and stick with it In shaa Allah.


Start Reading Qur’an Now!
What you’ve stopped doing, you’ve stopped being at its best.
Personally, I notice the non-fluency in me when I stay off Qur’an reading for a while and this could be happening to anyone else too. Begin a relationship with Qur’an from now even if you have to read the same surah all day. It doesn’t get easy just suddenly so start now.


Start your Night prayers
In Ramadhan, the number of people who observe Taraweeh completely is one over ten of the Muslims who observed it on the first three days. Nights in Ramadan have a special consideration different from any other time of the year. Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said: “Whoever offers optional prayers (like Taraweeh prayers) throughout the nights of Ramadan, believing in Allah and seeking His rewards, will have his previous sins forgiven.”
So start slowly, Don’t start off making much Rakat (units) of Tahajjud and wear yourself out after a couple of days. Just do what is easy for you, even if that is only two Rakat. Every good deed sure has beautiful rewards.


Start being good!
I know this sounds odd but you would agree with me that many of us embrace good behavior in Ramadan to multiply our rewards. So the love you would like to spread, the kindness, humility and all,  Start now!
Spread salaam (peace) and be your best self.
Wear your good manners from now and wear them for good.

May Allah make us firm on his beautiful path, Amin

See you in my next post In shaa Allah.

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