On One Of My Favourite Show: Gbajuma Osere….

Yelz yelz….Haloo guys, una do well ooo jare…i hope everyone is fine

Loool…i am sure non-yoruba’s are already like, “what is she even talking about”….

If you are used to or still familiar with Yoruba channel on Dstv,you should/might know this programme/show..and in case you don’t,what they do is, Invite  yoruba celebrities  and interview them as well as get them to connect with their fans and yea,the programme is also in segments and My favourite segment is the “So Laya?” Part.

Cos it is really Educating plus i am a yoruba culture/language fan….yelzzz..but you sure don’t want to hear me speaking yoruba…. ? 


Now, the thing is,they now have videos on YouTube and i stumbled across the episode where Denrele Edun was on the show…i was like okkkkkkkk…i am sure his yoruba is never going to be fluent and yea there we go…

I liked his energy, his person, like i had fun.He literally almost if not drained the host ( My one and only Mumy Adedoyin Kukoyi)…i loooove that woman…she is African for sure…

Because of the kind of energy Denrele brought on to the  show,He had to own twooo episodes..yeaaa! but it was fun…Now, why am i even making this an issue?…if you come across any of denrele’s interview,you just get the feeling he is telling you to always be yourself  and be real in life…towards the end of the episode i learnt something from him and i thought i should share it with you guys…so Here we goooo:IMG_20151107_220016

That reminded me of the saying: “you learn something new everyday if you pay attention” ……

And that’s it guys,

Until next time,

I love you all ?

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