Would you still be you if there was no heaven or hell?

Nothing,prepares you for death and no one also does. A man who is terminally ill and has been given days to live still clings to that little hope,you know that just maybe,maybe Death might forget his address for a number of years. Many times we are obsessed with the idea of living that we actually forget how to live.

Has it ever crossed your mind about how many people are willing to hold on to your ‘life ‘just because they lived through you? how many will miss you for your impact at one time or the other? Is it the neighbor who remembers always how you saved him from the wrath of hunger when he had nothing to eat or the sibling who you told to go to hell because your car has the exact need he needs to pay his child’s hospital bill? Would you still be you if you learnt there was no heaven or hell? how would you live if you heard death was on a journey of no return?

Death comes knocking daily, many at times it struggles really hard with us, but everyday we live,we win .One day HE wins,we are gone,sometimes we feel too comfortable that we forget He’s going to win one single day.On this journey of life and death,its a win win .We win all other days,He wins one day. Now how you celebrate your victories on days you win is what matters and really tells who the real winner is.

On this journey of life to death, live good,no one will tell you how/when to die .Above all live goals and Let others live through you .




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