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You know when you comfortably and confidently do something without thinking anything will happen afterward.

It was a busy day and I decided to cook as I couldn’t just step out to get anything to eat.It is usually my habit to always keep the kitchen clean after cooking, this was me trying to do all the washing and cleaning and I wanted to wash the pot immediately as to avoid coming back to the kitchen, Hmmm, as soon as I poured water on the cover of the pot, the only thing I can remember is I that I found myself at the staircase…

People! the explosion was real! kilo de! I have been cooking for years but never have I experienced this. you are probably wondering what happened?
The cover of the pot was so hot that as soon as I poured cold water on it, everywhere was littered with glasses.

I was now thinking in my mind, please what just happened here? there sure is a physics behind this! not tomorrow but today, I will definitely make my findings and feed my people in, so you guys don’t experience such. Abi? I am nice, I know….

According to Ryan Carlyle of Quora, the thing is:

“Glass expands as it heats up and shrinks as it cools. It also has moderately low thermal conductivity and it’s hard but brittle. These three facts are why glass can crack when suddenly cooled.

Imagine you have a hot, thick piece of glass. It’s uniformly heated and thus is uniformly thermally-expanded. Now dunk it in an ice water bath — the surface will cool almost instantly on contact, but the middle has to wait for heat to conduct away before it can cool. That creates an uneven thermal profile, where the surface is cold but the inside is hot.

So in our hot-glass-in-ice-water example, the surface is trying to shrink but can’t, meaning it is suddenly under tension. And the core is put into compression by resisting the shrinkage. It’s not hard to figure out which section of glass wins the tug-of-war — the surface fails first. And a crack grows out of some microscopic scratch or flaw, growing and spreading until the stress is sufficiently relieved or the glass is broken clean through.

That’s why hot glass breaks when it’s suddenly cooled”

Too much of english Abi? The gist is to avoid pouring cold water on a hot glass.

I hope you have learned something? I am glad i shared this with you guys.

And that’s it guys,

I love y’all





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Ajibike Oyinda September 21, 2016 at 6:25 pm

Wow now this is something I never knew. I pray I don’t make the same mistake. ?

barakahsthoughts September 21, 2016 at 10:13 pm

Amen ooo my sister


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