You are not a tree! so move!

Life is a pot of rice, on occasions, some of the rice gets burnt while some get cooked, sometimes some even feels uncooked. Some get it totally easy in life while some do not, some pray effortlessly and get what they want while some get Nada.

Most of the times it leaves you questioning your faith, it makes you doubt the existence of God, it makes you feel worthless or rather you start revisiting your sins wondering which of them led to unanswered prayers.

Many leave it to the belief that probably the supernatural has something better in store for them, while some don’t nurture that believe, some say destiny prevails, so they stay on one spot while waiting, they believe prayers change destiny/fate.

I must confess prayers change fate only with efforts. A million doesn’t fly to a man while he sits at home praying all day, God doesn’t bless laziness and theft. Efforts are all it takes to leave a position you don’t feel like. You are not a tree, so move. You are not a stagnant water that is useless or rather breeds mosquitoes that humans don’t want. Stand and move!

Ask for help, if you can, Grow if that’s what it takes, Develop yourself if that is all that is required, I get it could be tiring sometimes when you feel like you put in so much already, but yes add that effort. Make sure you are not found wanting when it comes to the effort because God certainly blesses that.

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