Negative People/ Energy

I don’t even know how to start ooo,if i start the way i feel like starting,hmmm, things will the way,i have missed you guys,haa! Serious Miss masef and i know you miss me too…;)

Lerrus get to the matter….
Apparently,some people can so so have negative Energy,Seriously,they can so be all negative negative,and the only thing i find myself saying is “beeet whyyyy”!!

Some of you people might be there forming “i don’t understand”…it’s okay,i am here to make it clear..
When i say Negative Energy,i am not talking about that of physics,i am talking about that of human…
Some people just have their ways of sucking that energy out of you…
Negative Energy or negativity can come in different forms,you can only begin to imagine.
E.g: you have to read and your friend is saying:You read too much,you should go clubbing/me! I cannot read like you or
You are going to begin a project tomorrow and someone is like,the end result will never be good…
You can only imagine alot of those negatives right now,i am sure we have all met one or two people with so much negativities….
These only makes me ask myself the reason why some people can’t be positive.Why! You are not thinking positively and you are discouraging people around you,How fair is that?! Biko!  Tell me…..
Negative people aren’t just the most enjoyable people to be around,they can be real downers in any conversation.No matter what you say,they have a way of spinning things in a negative direction.some people can be so negative that you just feel drained around them…
Negativity affects ourselves and everyone around us,it limits our potential to become something great and live a fulfilling ,purposeful life….


Be positive cos that’s the way you can encounter positive situations and people that are also positive and if you still can’t be positive,please avoid discouraging people around,wish them the best and allow them be.please,i am begging you ooo
Most times when you try to have a conversation with these people it turns into argument.
Simple Tip:Avoid those arguments,sometimes they only make you think twice about your decisions and get you all frustrated
Keep that in mind and next time in shaa Allah,i will talk about how to deal/live with negative people…

And finally,all of those people who wants big big english on this blog,i will be disappointing you oo,because i can’t blog in a way that you have to have a dictionary to be able to get the and enjoy like i am talking right infront of you cos that’s the idea…thank you for all the comments/messages..keep commenting and messaging,good or bad,i will read them
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And that’s it guys
Until next time,
I love y’all☺☺

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  1. meeymah sha. always talking true*winking* . that picture is the bomb. dont let negative and toxic people rent space in your head, RAISE THE RENT AND KICK THEM OUT! lmao

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