Here is to Muslimahs going to the Nysc camp.

As a practicing Muslimah, Nysc camp can be a burden, You spend 3 weeks in camp and it will seem like you spent 3 months in camp. There is not so much you can do to make things better, However it is important to capitalize on the little that can be done. If you will be going to the camp soon, here are things you might want to know:

  • Some camps duly depend on the camp coordinator/state coordinator, This basically means having an understanding coordinator determines the length of your trouser,hijab,permission to pray at its exact time.e.t.c. So sister, pray for an understanding and tolerant camp coordinator.
  • Sisters who don’t wear short sleeves or trousers on top or short trousersare likely to. A lot of hide and seek has to be done,if you want to be a little bit more covered than they expect you.
  • Marking your shoes saves you loads of stress,you all will wear almost the same type of shoes with a lot of similar sizes,so there will definitely be a mix up, so try and mark your shoes.
  • You don’t need the 5 am makeup most people do to parade ground,you will be going to the mosque and drills will even most likely ruin them. so save yourself the stress.
  • You will be praying Qasr all through your stay in the camp, Try not to miss salah.
  • You will need a long hijab for salah which you can always put in the masjid,that way you get to use it whenever you are in the masjid.
  • If you don’t do all man or war drills,you won’t die,try not to do the ones that involve male man or war members groping and lifting your butts to get you to do that, we are amabassadors of Islam, remember?
  • Do not just eat anything anywhere, there are meat that aren’t halal around. Asking won’t hurt at all, so when you aren’t sure about what’s been served, please ask.
  • The best way to call people to Islam is with the best of character .Try as much as possible to portray that.
  • Participate in platoon activities. Don’t be found wanting when it’s time to show intellects. Many people have heard a lot about Muslims in the negative way. Proove them wrong.
  • Camp is one of the best part of NYSc. Enjoy it as much as you can without compromising your Deen.

Remember you have always been a muslim before going to camp,Your iman should not deteriorate!!! Be a proud ambassador of Islam.

Wishing you all the best in your stay in camp, I do hope you have fun in the best of ways.

To my sisters who have been to the camp, please share your experience or better still advice your fellow sisters on what and what not to do in the comment section. We love to read your comments.

See you guys in my next posts In shaa Allah.

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