Modest Fashion Influencer and CEO Amrah Couture: Salamatu Salihu shares her top 10 Essential modest wardrobe items.

In today’s post, modest fashion Influencer and CEO of Amrah couture @sadamsel give us an insight into her wardrobe.

Sadamsel: “The religion of Islam emphasizes modesty. As women, we have been commanded by God in the Holy book (Q24v31) to dress Modestly. Asides the fact that it expresses our identity it also gives us an insight into a decent and upright lifestyle. Modesty is both In and out but today we I will focus on the outer aspect of it. In respect to this here are my top 10 essential modest wardrobe items.



Hijab clearly identifies women as followers of Islam making it the number one essential modest Item you should have, The length usually vary depending on the nature of your job, the type of your school, your school of thoughts e.t.c. It also comes in different materials. The following are materials recommended for hijab:

1.Chiffon: only because it is soft and light.
2. Cotton: it is easy to wash, press and inexpensive and also perfect for summer.
3. Satin: it is soft and thick, quite good for winter and events.

The hijab doesn’t have to be a “khimar ” (small hijab), it could be a veil that wraps around the head and chest on a free/loosed outfit.



Every Muslimah should have one of these, they are simple and with them, you do not need extra touches to look modest and beautiful, They are also perfect for a lot of occasions. 


Maxi dress

This is a must have essential modest wardrobe item. easy to wear, basically second to an abaya. It can be worn with a jacket, blazer or kimono.



As Muslim ladies, we shouldn’t wear tight outfits and in helping to fulfill that, the skirt does a very good job, for daily prayers, work and so on. As Muslims, you sure want to have at least one skirt in your wardrobe. There are different types of skirts today in different stores. It is Important that we keep the rules of modesty in mind when choosing one. The good thing about skirts is that you can play around with them and still look beautiful and modest.



This adds sophistication to an outfit. It can be worn on almost everything. A dress, trouser, skirts e.t.c


Turban Scarf: 

They come in different beautiful colors and are quite easy to tie/wrap in different styles. They go with different outfits and hijabs.


Wide leg pants.

These are perfect for every Muslimah who wants to look modest in pants, they often look nice with heels. If you are a Muslimah who loves heels, this is for you. you can also play around with them.



Don’t we all need one of this? It can be worn with a long flowing top or dress.



This is like an after dress, basically like an opened abaya, they come in different classy materials and sizes and can be worn on a dress or trouser to give you a modest look.



It can be a chiffon shirt or even satin shirt. The long shirts can be worn on any type of skirt or trousers.
The short sleeve shirt or tank top can be worn with a blazer, abaya or jacket.

Do I really need to mention accessories? Most of us can’t do without them, from hijab pins to shoes, bags and so on it’s just Important that I mention that we go moderate in all that we do in life… you know what I mean. winks

I am guessing you now know that having a modest wardrobe isn’t difficult at all..”

And that’s it guys.

Do let me what you think about this post and if you would like me to feature anyone specific in the comment section.

See you in my next post.


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8 thoughts on “Modest Fashion Influencer and CEO Amrah Couture: Salamatu Salihu shares her top 10 Essential modest wardrobe items.”

  1. This is really inspiring . I love the way she brings modesty into fashion. Most Girls nowadays think fashion is all about dressing half naked or painting their faces like a clown .Girls need to learn from this Rising Modest Fashion icon. Salamatu salihu u re an icon in the making.???

  2. It is just so amazing what you are doing Amrah you are an icon with no limits it’s just so inspiring and with this you can help young girls to become great women like you .

  3. Amrah It is just so amazing what you are doing is just so inspiring and with this you can help young girls to become great women like you are. keep doing this you will be come best at what you do .

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