Memoirs of a satanic day #3

My wallet was gawking at me and the money was screaming*take me! take me, I was left speechless and the Amebo were urging me to pay for the wall gecko I just ate. So I thought to myself, how would I end this misery without destroying my Image?I told the woman I had 1000, let me go bring change for her or better still she should follow me(then one devil’s agent, said let me help you change it, is it #100, or 200 you want me to change it to?))are you for real?

Does she work in a bank or sell recharge card? that was a bit lesser riddle to solve than getting another route to leave my misery I told her no, I don’t want to change that particular 1000 naira,.so they agreed to allow me to get to my room,(surely with our Amebos following us).I entered the room, searching my handbag to get the 1300# that was what was left from the money I borrowed from my friend while awaiting something from home…

I searched through and found nothing, the worse was my A.T.M was not even inside. I swear that was the grand breaker that caused my tears again but this time it came with the frustration of how my day went .i searched frantically for a sheet of paper that I wrote my pin on(I know that’s stupid, It made it easier,how many passwords do I have to put at the back of my head, more so I don’t really withdraw with the A.T.M.). It was not there, instead of a note that said (thanks, you saved me a whole lot of stress)I could not continue pretending. I screamed that my roommates and canteen people started asking what was wrong, I tried to explain with my face soaked like ijebu garri and people started pitying me sorry o, sorry o.until another lady said(she doesn’t have money to pay the woman, no one was basically willing to help…
Oh God would the day end already?!!!

My roommate helped me pay the woman, and immediately I called home to ask if they had sent the money I requested(not that we were completely poor, but my dad is a little bit too principled that feels after the #10,000 he pays you monthly,why should you call home to request for more(I wonder how he expected that to be enough with the kind of life I lived in school)fortunately for me my mum said she was planning to send it tomorrow, at least something good happened finally. I thanked my roommate and thought about it, I have not seen any of my so-called friends throughout today, feeling the day has ended finally in my favor, but the world was against me so, I had more things to face.

I decided to go check up on my friend in her room later in the day, as the good person that I am, even in times of troubles I think about my friends. I was concerned that I saw none of them today during the trials I faced, I made a call to Solape who said she wasn’t in the room at the moment and was not going to be back anytime soon.I asked her about Kemi too and she told me Kemi went to check on her boyfriend. I then told her to put a call through when she gets back.

After much thought,I remembered a lady that I don’t actually categorize as my friend.its one of those Muslim sisters who attach themselves to you unnecessarily ( they want to monitor your religious existence ) she bears Bashirat, I ‘m like why would I bear such kind of name and still allow people to call me that every time she comes around.I prepared to go to sister Bashirat’s room block L, I stay in W so I’m going to the other end of the hostel. Solapes room was blocked N, so I had to pass her room to Bashirat’s room.Before I got to block L everyone was talking about the girl that ate wall gecko and could not pay, some were talking about the girl that fell on heels, others were talking about the girl that was sent back by the porters for indecent dressing. I moved on, not wanting them to see and realize it’s the same girl that had her bucketful of troubles in just a day. I got to block N and I heard laughter from the room closest which happens to be my friends room, they were also gisting about Solapes friend The great Pretender.i just shrugged it off, feeling they could do that as long as my friend wasn’t around,but what I heard next shocked me to my bone marrow, I felt numb and cold…..

Let me get a blanket, I will continue in my next post……


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