The memoirs of a satanic day #1: The beginning of it all..

Everyone wants perfection daily but do we all work towards getting it? some of us wake up every morning without thanking God for life nor for what we want for the day. I use to fall into this category until the day I tagged the satanic day showed up.
It was a normal and usual day for me, just that I had planned to overdress that day so.

I woke up 6 am hoping to go for a 10 am class.(you don’t wanna be late when you are planning to overdress you know) I proceeded to have my bath not long after checking my phone for new notifications and then put on this cloth my friends call gorgeous and hot… if anyone from home saw me on that dress, I would be gone for! but nevertheless, a girl had to dress to kill today.  My makeup was on fleek and I knew it, I was finally done with all the paparazzi around 9 and off I left amidst my roommates shouting and hailing: slay queen, slay mama, oh my God how I loved the attention, I could die for that.

Not to burst my bubbles,I got to my hostel gate,and one of the securities sent me back because of the short tight revealing dress I wore, after all the plans I had in mind to pepper them,one single man wanted to ruin it well who is he ?who does he think he is to think he could tell me what to wear? I fumed angrily, off I went back to my room and yes I went to change because [let’s face it!whose daughter was I to not follow the school rule]I didn’t want to face any committee in the school.I changed into this skirt called bandage skirt that can be pulled to any length I want and this nice shirt that I knew I was going to remove when I leave the presence of securities.I asked myself how I would still get noticed as that was the original plan but the man is wicked,(he didn’t even mind the three hours I used to plan the dress last night oo)well, at all at all na him bad*pidgin of there will always be an alternative.

I decided to borrow one fine high heels from my roommate and I was finally able to get out of the hostel happy that no one stopped me again but I was late already, I shrugged it off saying well that’s another way to get an extra dose of attention if not late coming?
Fortunately this particular morning my lecturer decided to come late (so happy), I found this comfortable seat (most of the seats are broken) so I was happy to get a very good one,until this guy walked up to me saying”my dear,exposing your breast doesn’t make you more attractive “don’t worry I won’t ask you out”I felt anger at his insulting approach and wanted to give him a piece of my mind but I checked around and noticed the fellow came from the midst of other guys and they were all laughing, shoot me already!!! the embarrassment that came with that was bad,not only because of what he said but because this same guy is one of the guys I regard as the low lives of the class.(you can never be caught talking to him for fear of your reputation)after going through such thing, the lecturer decides it’s time to come and the class went on smoothly till its end.The excited me was about to come down from the last step from *^AMPHI THEATRE and suddenly all I heard was a loud thud*looking around I found out that was me falling off and my ankle snapping.

The Most painful part of an adult falling isn’t the fact that you fell,it’s not the fact that people were there, not the fact that you hurt yourself but people saying *sorry ooo, sorry ooo(don’t they know that this hurts than the falling)I sighed and smiled pretending it was okay until some people called *AWO boys (they are popular for their antics at mockery and ridiculing people)saw me and my heels.The insult they gave that day could last a lifetime, little did I know this was just a fragment of my supposedly perfect day, Little did I know I was in for more surprises before the day ended and that was still morning, How I wished I was warned not to step out that day.what I felt after was even worse than the falling itself.
*Amphitheatre-popular 5000 lecture theatre at (OAU)
*Awo boys-students of a particular hostel named after Awolowo.

What shocker then happened! see you in my next post…

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