Nigerian Lady: ”I Don’t Know How To Cook and i Don’t Care”

Hehehehehe…..i love my nigerian sisters jare,i mean i love you guys die….the fleeking fleeking,the turning ups..hmmm, i am loving it…but ehn,what is with the the “i don’t know how to cook and i don’t care” haaa! My sister care ooo,hmm did i hear you say you don’t care???!!!!….lol..Diaris God!

Look…chill,i know you are already saying the usuals,like (is it a must for a lady to know how to cook?!, was she born with stove,pot and spoon??? and so on).

It’s not new that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach…but hey,the man is not the issue here… The issue is You as a lady. You as that cultured Lady…. Loool, yea Culture! We are in 21st century i know, but then the culture have been there even before now.

You see,there is something called ”21st CENTURY CULTURED LADY”….Hehehehehe ,who says your eyebrows cannot be on fleek,you can’t be all janded janded, Says who you can’t wear all the highest heels in the world,own the cars,own a job and be all classy…

Yea Classy! but ehn biko,you so won’t be classy if that cooking part is missing as an African lady. Complete it,make yourself very classy,i mean awesomely classy,by adding that to it,know how to cook, be that homely lady,that lady that can transit from an elegant dinner dress or a working suit to an Apron….i mean not necessarily for a man but just for you to feel good about yourself,so you won’t have self esteem issues,you won’t fall into the trap of those men that can eat but know how to do nothing in the kitchen…. Just put it at the back of your mind that you can’t do away with culture.if you don’t know how to cook,honey it’s not to late,learn jare,don’t be shy,the internet have made life easy,you can check various sites they will help.don’t mind those yeye friends of yours that tease you about it.i know them already,you just learn how to cook and you will find yourself inventing and teaching them some other methods they know not about… It’s not something big to be insulted or divorced over,i mean it’s enough that divorce is rampant out there already,people getting divorced over little issues,but getting divorced cos you don’t know how to cook and don’t want to learn… sister i will just faint for youuu (lol)…..honey, don’t wait till you are insulted or divorced(God forbid)…take that one step now!!!….i am proud of you already……

914411_543536592415707_433010968_n  MISS Empress ….killing it the local way

mercy aigbe jollof rice  MRS Mercy Aigbe (gentry) in the kitchen doing it

Oprah-winfrey-and-thanksgiving Oprah Winfrey… the Act

images-2     MRS Nse Ikpe  Happily into it

These people are celebrities,but they still know how to cook…. C’mon go get your own beautiful Apron my dear sister and get get it going…..

And that’s it guys

thank you for stopping by

Lots of love 🙂

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