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Hallloooo guys,hope you guys are doing well … I saw a video on istagram, Not too sure but i guess it was one of those PulseTv videos… All thanks to chuey chu…
I must never meet that guy anywhere… Lol.. Anyways, This time around it was a lady,who didn’t know what ATM stands for… Yea,ATM…After laughing my life out,i was like pause!

What does ATM  stands for,But i remembered  my dad repeatedly telling me the meaning… The good girl that i am, remembered the machine, and then the Automated,The problem was now the T… What can this be..and my dad told me ooo… Chai!

I am sure you are already there like, Haaaaaabaaaa! How can someone not know what ATM stands for?

Oya Tell me, Tell me now, look at you…

I know you don’t know, But here we go…


I am sure you have learnt something…
All this little things shouldn’t be overlooked…
But really though,What is chuey chu always looking for on the street? ehn,biko, he will not just be on the street but he will be “embarasting” people up and down… Lol… I like the videos though because i enjoy laughing.
Anyways guys…
That’s it.
Until next time,
I love y’all ☺

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