How about you look at your scar differently today?

I had recently joined a live video where I was reminded again that a lot of people use their past as an excuse not to do anything which I honestly think it’s true (my opinion). They say time heals right, Although the amount of time depends on the type of the injury but that doesn’t mean while you are trying to heal from your arm you shouldn’t do anything with your legs…

And how do you heal again?? You don’t heal by sitting still in one place, wallowing and doing nothing, you heal by making conscious effort to heal, and in the process of healing, you find you, you grow, you learn and become a better person…

If it’s a healing that comes with a scar, know that, that scar is not just there for you to be reminded of the way you felt when you were injured, It is there for you to know that you are stronger than you ever thought you were and regardless of what life toss at you, You will bounce back, it is there for you to be grateful to God for helping you heal and it is also there for you to be motivated, so that you do everything within you to ensure others don’t have that same scar, meaning it is also there for you to inspire people….

So how about you look at your scar differently today???

Asking questions like how long will it take for you to heal from a wound won’t help you at all, Tell yourself you want to heal, command the word “healing”, monitor your progress, don’t shy away from talking about your Injury, express yourself when you need to, don’t stuff things in at all.. Be very honest with your feelings, no one is expecting you to heal fast, it’s your own journey, your own healing process, so take charge of it, However don’t let it drag you, you drag it!
That voice that is saying ‘You can’t! It will take forever to move on’ respond to the voice today with “I can and I choose to take a step to better my life today”….

You will breakdown once in a while, is it normal absolutely, Yes! But once that happen, sit still, try and think about the good surrounding your healing process, than the bad, say encouraging words to yourself, if you need to speak to someone, do so but try not to take so long sitting because it’s important that you get back up to continue your journey!!!!!

Believe it or not, you Inspire people like me and I hope one day, you will share your story with so much smile on your face and so much peace in your heart!

Hugs! And loads of Love!!!!

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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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  1. Personally,i love listening and reading people’s stories of self discovery and growth. It gives me hope that i can definitely bounce back after a fall. BarakAllahu fih😘

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