Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria…..

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Hello my people….As you all know i am a proud Nigerian,Nigerian anytime any day (we nice like that).so if you read my previous ‘pub’ about ‘what brooms and votes can do’ you will get the gist really fast but if you haven’t, oya

So yea!the gist is not new,we now have a New President.  Yessoooo! wait! Yes! No! i mean True!…a new ruling party after years. Congratulations to Mohammad Buhari & the Nigerian people.

President Mohammad Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo Una must to do well ooo,cos nigerians are not joking at all,even me i no follow play…lol….i really don’t have much to say about it. it’s politics you know,i never sabi am… we are just praying and hoping that Nigeria will be a better place. We Pray that the good Lord see them through and grant them more wisdom to rule in Peace

Long live President Muhammad Buhari, Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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I love Y’all 🙂

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