Living with someone with depression….

This literally skipped my mind,how can i blog about depression and not blog about living with a depressed person,makes it incomplete…

living with a depressed person is never easy,it can be really frustrating at times.Many with depression continue to suffer, or at least have periods of symptomatology as Anti depressant do not treat it completely..

This in turn affects those who love them. Depression is not so easily fixed, therefore the result is helplessness and frustration.It can be especially difficult when the person with depression is your child or a partner. Many parents feel it is their place to rescue even their adult children from these issues.

It is difficult to feel helpless, which is often the case when you live with a depressed individual. It may not be healthy to feel it is one’s duty to rescue a partner, and certainly not to take responsibility for his or her feelings. And this does happen often in relationships.

You might feel disconnected from whosoever it is,and also experience an inner battle of what to say and what not to say.Depression manifests differently in different people,symptoms of a depressed person,(as discussed in my precious post),can lead to a multitude of other symptoms, including lack of sex drive, angry outbursts, irritability, social / personal withdrawal, and more.

People experience different symptoms of depression. As such, one person’s depression might appear much different than another’s.


Many who live with a depressed person struggle with whether they are being supportive or enabling. Some believe “tough love” is what is needed. Being supportive and loving may appear to allow the depressed individual to remain stagnant. Pushing too much can lead to conflict and further withdrawal.

It may seem like a hopeless situation. Still, there are still several things that can be done,like:

  • Educate yourself on depression
  • Try to do enjoyable things,it doesn’t matter if the person likes it or not.
  • Be supportive,this includes, in moderation, gently pushing your loved one to do what is good for him or her. This includes invitations to join in activities, and attempts to get the depressed person involved in exercise and so on
  • Give listening ears, Communication is how we connect. For many with depression, the feelings of isolation can be deafening. The ability to listen and not offer a quick fix can be of tremendous benefit.
  • Show them love
  • Try not to be provocative
  • Be understanding
  • Be considerate
  • Help them with prayers…


It can be hard as i said earlier,but we don’t want to see our loved ones commit suicide,so we have to do all we can to help them get out of it…

And that’s it guys, Hopefully this is the end of my depression series.

Thank you for stopping by..

I love y’all 🙂

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