Living a deliberate Life: Know your ‘Why’

While on my bed thinking to myself what to do with all the spare time I have since malaria won’t let me do a thing or go anywhere, I thought to grab a book and add to my knowledge, here is what is interesting, I have a couple of books I am yet to read but I just had to re-read braving the wilderness by Brown Brene for the love of that Amazing soul, it didn’t look like I was soul searching or wanted answers or ginger of any sort, but it was just the right read (It gingered this post), felt like I was just reading it for the first time and lorrrrrrrd!!!! I am genuinely grateful for that book, If you don’t have a copy, get yourself one…

I talk about being deliberate a lot and it is almost like I am so used to it now that I find myself reflexively doing that on a daily basis and If anything, I couldn’t have put that to practice any other time better than now (In Nigeria), My God! you just can’t waste my time and I find that to be power and key because time means a whole lot at least in this part of the world where everything is hustle-bustle and believe or not it’s because I “WHY” everything…

Someone calls me for a meeting today, I ask myself, Why am I attending that meeting?

Spending my whole day in the park? Why?

picking my phone to call someone, Why?

I won’t just act, It has to be deliberate.

Now to the strongest Why, Your strong Why is the Why that helps you weather the storm in life, The Why that keeps you going in life regardless of the Ups and down. It is the Why that helps you win.

Do you find this Why in a day? No, Is it easy to find, Ermmmm, Not so easy, How deep do you have to dig? Actually Very Deep

Individual: I want to get a better Job

Me: Cool. Why?

Individual: I just want to, Who doesn’t want a better job in this life

Me: what will getting a better job do for you?

Individual; For this Naija? You Sabi ask one kind question sha, I go buy car, build house now.

Me: Cool, so what will building a house and buying a car do for you..

Individual: Then I will live a comfortable life now, No rent, No public transport e.t.c

For this person, living a comfortable life is what will get them to wake up very early to get ready for a job search and while at the job, this will also push them to be their best up until the point where they need to go back to the drawing board again to find their why, Yes! you may think you know your why today but most times, what you know today only last you to a point in your life when you will then need to go back again to find your why but if you dig deep enough you might not really need to go back….

Do I feel the above Why is superficial, Absolutely, Because how long does it really take to build a house and buy a car?, How long will that Motivation last for? but doesn’t really change the fact that is somebody’s why.

Note that Your why is your Motivator and shouldn’t be superficial at all and since human beings are to evaluate themselves at intervals, You might need to at some point redefine your internal motivation…

YOur isn’t bad, what is bad is not knowing your ‘why’ at all or not knowing you need to know your ‘Why’…

I tried to make this as simple as possible, so I hope i actually made sense, It’s time to start living a deliberate life…

See you in my next post In shaa Allah..





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