All praise to the King of the Kings and the Lord of the alameen!

The month June was Alhamdulillah. It was more like everything that was meant to happen in 2018 happened in the month of June, People say January is the longest month, For me this year, June was but here I am, Hale and hearty as if nothing happened! Alhamdulillah! Anyways that’s another gist for another day.

What have I been up to lately…

Well, if you are following @thebkaytribe on social media, You will know that I am in Nigeria at the moment, And prior to landing, I knew I wasn’t coming to rest at all, I had programmed my brain to be ready for all sorts and to be honest, there has been no disappointments…..

Girl is back doing all that she loves doing in Nigeria: Travelling (Well, I don’t necessarily love to travel but I find myself going from one state to the other whenever I am back and hey, for me to enjoy it, I have to pretend to like it)… So yea! It is what it is….

Adding to my knowledge:  So long as it will benefit me or and my community, You will find me there. I am on a program at the moment which I hope to complete soon but as they say, book no easy. This in itself has been taking loads of my time. Hopefully I can get done with these soon…

Trying to bounce back: June slapped me with health issues, so I am here trying to recover as well as get my weight back! Yes o! Your girl feels extra light..

Getting ready for workshops: I am either training or facilitating or I am being trained. I love love workshops as a matter of fact I spend most of time on workshops whenever I am back to Nigeria…

Bonding with family and friends: I haven’t seen them in 2 years, So I try to do away with my phone and Laptop whenever they are around, It’s bonding time I say…. Family is important!

Working on TBLT: In May when I announced we were going on break and after Eid a couple of people sent me messages saying why are you going on break when you have other people on TBLT, Well I have to be able to at least tell them what to do and if I am not there, as they are still getting use do to how TBLT works, things might not go the way it used too! So the fact that you have helping hands doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there at all.. And that was happened may/June, I wasn’t there. Plus I honestly felt everyone was entitled to a Ramadhan break… Ko si big deal… My people remains the best!

Exploring: Hehehe! If you know me, You know this! I can like to explore for Africa.

Attending Meetings: I don’t even like to dress up, but so long as it has to do with any positive cause, You will find me there o. It kinda feel good to be back to dressing formal oo (My own formal oo).

So yea! This and many more, I have been up to… You will see me a lot here this days, because, trust me to keep you updated. And if you aren’t following us on Instagram, Biko, who are you following? Issa question? Just kidding 😂 Follow @thebkaytribe on IG to stay updated…

Did I tell you I used the train in Nigeria for the first time? Hehehe…Catch the gist in my next post In shaa Allah…

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  1. Alhamdullilahi for Growth and Wisdom. So sorry about your health, glad you are recovering and at a better place.
    May the protection, blessing and mercies of Allah be with you.

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