Una do well oo Jare my people….My last blog was about slim people (if you haven’t read it,Oya Rewind!).it was so easy for me to relate cos i am slim as well,but growing up in a very cultured environment,i was taught never to call someone FAT,i would use the words: Plump,Chubby and Large/big as i was told the word Fat is not nice. so while i was blogging about calling slim people skinny,i kept on thinking to myself what the larger people also go through and as God will have it i stumbled upon a video of a man who was regularly called “FAT” which led to a video of a lady with same problem…..

Now let’s get Real

Fat shaming is the practice of criticising people publicly for being BIG.Fat-shaming is something that happens every day.Seriously,why would you want to make fun and shame someone because they are Big? because you are not as Big,you think it’s enough to constantly Remind them and underestimate their : intelligence,strength, talents,tenacity,cleanliness,humanity, discipline,beauty and so on? and then you have people complicating the whole thing by asking that annoying question: ”What’s wrong with Fat Shaming?” Haaaa!… are you kidding Me!! everything is wrong to with Fat shaming.

Do you have any idea of what Happens to these people when you refuse them job interviews/jobs,when you give them that disgusting face,when you tell them to go on  hunger strike,when you tell them they don’t deserve certain people in their lives,when you tell them not to enter your store by telling them there are no plus sizes,when you laugh at them,when you stop them from picking up stuffs at the grocery store,when you stare at them at the GYM or while eating,do you know!? Do you?

A lot of these people commit Suicide ,you make them feel so unwanted and unwelcome that they begin to keep to them selves,stay indoors or even turn to the wrong place for happiness. and guess what,making these people feel bad doesn’t mean they will stop eating,incase you have forgotten,we all eat cos we need too and if really that’s your own way of advising them to keep fit,then it’s the wrong way…U gerrit???


Increase in size could be due to : Genetics (genes and family history),health conditions such as Under active thyroid, inactive lifestyle,Environment (Food advertising,lack of access to healthy food,oversized food Portion) and so on. Plump people know they are plump,you don’t need to remind them, and if you have to advice them,do it in a polite manner.

So say NO to fat shaming and Stop Fat shaming/calling people fat

To them slim is beautiful,so they rather choose to  starve themselves to win perfection,As i would always say,for me it’s all about being HEALTHY(Remember i’m a medical student) and making sure your self esteem is intact.for most times plump people often have health related issues,like diabetes,high Bp and so on(will talk about that in my health category soon).Then, they have to take drugs,keep fit and make sure they eat healthy.but as far as you have no health related issues….Then feel free to be you,be happy and don’t let this people take away your life with their comments.. (Note: it’s very important to eat healthy and eating healthy doesn’t mean dieting)….

Now Repeat after me:

I will learn to love myself and be content with what i have,Realise i am who i am and can’t be anyone else…..

Be yourself and the right people will love the real you,You are just beautiful the way you are. Don’t be sad for how you look, big people are also beautiful. So, You just have to accept yourself,because there will be no one else like you,no one with your smile,no one with your eyes,no one with your lips,no one with your set of gifts and Abilities…… You are very very SPECIAL

And that’s it guys,

Until next time,

I love y’all

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