Keeping up with a busy schedule/How I manage stress…

I have been a mess lately, I can’t even explain. It’s either I am physically stressed or mentally stressed, Those who know, know. It’s so bad that my body doesn’t even know how to rest anymore because it is so used to stress, however it is my body and my system, I have to learn to take charge because I know if my body does itself, It will go the very dramatic way which I definitely won’t like, so here is how I deal with stress:

I write down everything: A big thank you to whoever invented pen and paper. I do this all the time that it is such a habit, this makes me aware of how stressful the day/week is going to be, So if at all anything is going to shock me then it will be something extra or something I am not aware of. Writing down things I have to do helps me relax and at the same time, helps me get prepared for the stress ahead.

I get prepared: If I know the week is going to very stressful, then I try to sleep well during the weekend, get my groceries, do some nerve relaxation exercises, pack my bags and most importantly make my fridge very beautiful….



During the week!

I go out with a positive mindset: That things won’t be as bad as they seem and should they even be, then I am very capable…This helps me feel relaxed and ready. That way I don’t get mentally stressed prior to starting my day…

I stay focused: Physical stress is not always as bad as mental stress, trust me, I know I will get mentally stress should In case I don’t complete at least 50% percent of the day’s activities, so with a smile on my face and a picture of my list on my mind, I try to stay focus….

I go in steps: It might seem slow but it has a very good effect on the day’s end result. I try not to rush things at all because if that particular task doesn’t turn out well, I might get even more stressed while having to do all over again. So I keep a particular pace.

I eat healthy meals: I get bullied over this always but it never stops me because I know the effect it has on me. I can’t explain this but eating a very healthy meal makes you feel relaxed.

I don’t wallow: The day is going bad or not as planned, I try not to use the little energy I have to complain. I don’t even stay around people who complain, it doesn’t help. once I am drained or exhausted, I get a glass of drink and a bottle of water, find my way to a very quiet environment and reassure myself and when I feel a little refreshed, I get back to my daily activities with a bit of a clear head and a clear mind.

I ask for help: When I need one, I am never shy to ask. I am blessed with a very good support system and very kind friends who are always ready to help out. When things seem overwhelming, I pick up my phone and make some calls. “Thou shall not come and die”.

I build my own busy zone: I am such a nice person (winks) but I am never scared of saying “I am busy at the moment”. When I have to get something done, then I have to get it done and the only way I can do this is to ensure I don’t get distracted. Insta messages, WhatsApp call or messages e.t.c can all wait. “I AM BUSY AT THE MOMENT”.


I take afternoon naps: At least for 30 minutes, usually after lunch. I always wake up like a baby after naps, You know what that means?

I watch short comedy clips: This usually happens when I am back home while laying on my bed, For some reason, I always feel like freshening up after having the laugh of my life. The ease after a shower is the bomb, It says whether I have to pop a pill or not…

I pick a particular time to sleep all through the week, depending on my schedule for that week and I try not to miss that time and every night I go to sleep with a mind free of trouble and full of peace.

For me, setting clear boundaries has been the ultimate aid to dealing with stress, because I don’t allow one activity to disturb another, that way, I tend to achieve so much in a day. So in as much as I do so much, the fact that I feel fulfilled at the end of the day makes me ready for the next day and should my system signal for a long break, I will definitely take that break, there is no trophy for being a superwoman.

Enough of me, How do you deal with stress? feel free to share your tips in the comment section…I sure can’t wait to read them…

See you In my next post In shaa Allah….

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  1. Awesome write up and an eye opener for me. In my own regards, I usually use exercise as a way to relief stress Eg(long walk, aerobics) and I take a lot of fruit and vegetables. Thanks Barakah for the great piece.

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