Here is what happens when you don’t take action

You breed doubts and Fears… It’s as simple as that really..
Every time I get inspired to starts something, The what-ifs tend to creep in somehow…That silly voice can be a very loud and overwhelming one that you eventually be like, Yea right, I am not doing anymore.. All I hear is Fear! Fear! Fear!…

I get inspired a lot and as much as I am a realist! (Yea realist which can sometimes mean just giving yourself a thousand and one excuses
not to do something, Hoping that’s not the case) I find that My what if’s don’t just let me take actions..

However, for the past 2 years now I have been on a conscious Tawakkul journey, which is to: trust Allah wholly and leave it all in His hands, the previous year, I remember praying for all that
I wanted yet leaving it all in His to do and bless me with whatever he chooses and also give me the ability to happily soak myself in whatever good comes my way “From the list I had given
Him..” thinking about it now, It sounds Funny but that was my knowledge of Tawakkul…

Did Allah SWT respond, Absolutely, this time, he answered my exact du’as, gave me exactly all that I asked for which I am truly grateful for but remember the Ayah, “we shall test the believers with everything..” Oh I was tested with the things I had used my mouth to ask for and made me
question if I had gone about everything the right way in the first place… It was a clear case of “careful what you wish for….”
I didn’t necessarily feel a type of way about it as I was genuinely trying to groom my Tawakkul muscle, For every time I felt a type of way, I praised and Thank Allah for all the good He has sent my way and reminded myself that everything good and bad can Indeed be a source of trial and fitnah
and then I asked Allah to help me avert calamities of all forms!
Don’t get me wrong, There is nothing wrong with asking Allah for specifics but in my case, it was a case of “All that glitters is not gold…” and I also felt Allah was trying to teach me something!

Anyhooz, ever since, I have remodified my Du’as, it feels as tho all my life I had given Allah a list of all that I wanted, This year, I totally submit to Allah, Oh Allah, Use me to attain your pleasure and whilst at it, grant me the utmost clarity to know my rights from wrong…
And the first whisper I got was to help people with the Qur’an, I am like wawu! Again! I have always heard that voice but all thanks to fear and what-ifs, I would always say to myself “what do I even know to teach about the Qur’an…”

This time around it was different! It was clear and strong, Almost more like a command and since I had said this year for me is about transformation through courage and taking actions, let’s do this…
I grabbed my journal, penned down everything in my head called a friend of mine who is a coach to ask me some important questions to be sure I was ready after which I then went ahead to launch,
there is more to the Qur’an Project, However, it has been the best thing that has happened to me so far this year, it comes with so much peace of mind that I can’t even describe but yea you get,

When I set out to launch the project, I felt like I had all the clarity I needed but trust me, Allah hasn’t stopped inspiring me ever since, it has been clarity upon clarity on a daily basis…

So what am I driving at, you might feel you know it all in your head and when you don’t take actions because of all the funny conversations you have in your head or with yourself, you then sweep off the idea and continue to feel useless in a spot…
Get on with that idea you have, make proper findings and take proper actions, Ask God to guide you and see how everything will work like magic, and even if it doesn’t turn out the way you had expected, trust that you will definitely learn from it In shaa Allah…
May Allah swt help us lead a good life…Amin.
See you in my next post In shaa Allah..

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  1. Absolutely loved this. Thank you for this beneficial reminder! I too am on this journey of taking action and I hear you about being a realist! (And the hundreds possible excuses…😅)

    Jazaakillah khair

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