Having a growth mindset

Most of us live with a fixed mindset as compared to a growth mindset. We often live a let’s just live life or let’s just feed life, I mean a passenger’s life inplace of a driver’s life. No doubt as Nigerians monitoring your growth can be tasking but the question is: How much of an excuse is that? 

But Before you can even monitor your growth you have to have a mindset of growth, you have to believe in growth, which isn’t the reality of most of us today. We love to bask in excuses and fact remains it will continue to do us bad than good. 

The power of a growth mindset cannot be over emphasized. When we talk about growth often time we think “Professional space” forgetting “personal space”. How much do you believe in you? Do you recognize your abilities? Do you recognize your intelligence/talents? How do you nurture them? What are your pathways to improvements?

You can’t control all that happen in your life but you can control how you react to things and how you adapt in various situations which leads to a brighter future (Know  your definition of a brighter future),… But these can only happen when you believe in growth

With a growth mindset you are able to get yourself back up whenever you fall, You are able to persevere through various life situations, you are able set goals and achieve them, you are able to take charge and responsibilities. 

Living healthy begins with a growth mindset as well because your sanity will be now in check on a regular….

In the past years, We might not have known these things, due to our upbringing, various environmental factors or life experiences but now we know…

So it’s time to work a better mindset….

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