We all have our struggles, sometimes we share them with people and sometimes we keep them to ourselves. I personally respect and appreciate people who get to share theirs, Asides the fact that it’s therapy on it own, I love the fact that people get to read their stories and pick a thing or two.

Ruqayyah of DREAM WEARS stopped by to share one of her episodes and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. Enjoy

“Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa barakahtuhu (May peace and blessings be upon you). I will start with Alhamdulillah for every reason. The past few months hasn’t  been easy but it took only the will of Allah

Months before Eid, I told myself I wasn’t going to be making anything for Eid celebration. It’s okay to say I was living like a non-living. A lot had hit me “like everyone else” and it felt like it was all about me..Just imagine yourself surrounded by people you don’t know and all you keep hearing are unrecognized voices (That made sense right?)

80% of my thoughts appeared negative and the worst  part was that ” I hated my existence”  but  guess what? ALHAMDULILAH, I never thought of suicide….

My Family were there and they definitely noticed and played their own roles in ensuring things got better but you know, it takes only the mercy of Allah for one to hear His words despite having ears…


I got everyone worried and thinking… What could be wrong with Ruqayyah?  could it be BUSINESS? RELATIONSHIP? or is it FAMILY? but all I could give as a response was a smile whenever I could. Eventually, I found myself in a depressive state which only made things worse but ALHAMDULILAH, things got better with time… ” All thanks to family and true friends.


The Intresting thing is, all this while I didn’t stay off social media because I had to keep up with the business part of my life, However, I was very fortunate and blessed with inspirational / motivational quotes by some amazing pages on Instagram, I mean I was aware of what I was going through Internally and I knew it wasn’t my place, it wasn’t where I was suppose to be, so following these pages wasn’t even an issue, Helooo! I followed countless number of pages just to derive the type of feed I needed and slowly things got better….

Now what changed?

It wasn’t that I was not facing challenges any longer, Those challenges were there but were been faced in different ways, You might want to ask how?

▪ I acknowledged the presence of what I was going through by telling myself “You can’t be a believer without undergoing trial”

▪I wrote everything I thought was challenging down on a paper and in less than 3 lines felt like it was a textbook.

▪I tried to ease off anxiety by getting myself to relax and while in my calm state I laughed because I realized I had solutions to almost all if not all that I am going through….

Wait? How did I get here? Why was I so blind to all of these?

Oh! and yes! despite the fact that I told my loyal clients I wasn’t going to give them anything new for the Eid, They didn’t believe a word of mine, all they filled my ears with was  ” Ruqayyah, I know you will change your mind and no matter what you make, I will patronise you” I heard these countless number of times.. Yes! I have amazing clients Alhamdulillah



As soon as I was in the right frame of mind (the solutions I talked about earlier) Ruqayyah decided something was going to be up for Eid… I think the productive ruqayyah is back, the less anxious ruqayyah is back, the goal setter and getter is back, I was just not happy that there was going to be an Eid collection but I was also happy because after a long time of worrying, after a long time of not connecting with myself, I am finally able to do something with my life and I am finally able to smile genuinely. Out of excitement, I wanted to make an announcement but I thought keeping it cool was way better. So, while the production was on, I made few hints on my page, the feedback from the making inspired me to play with designs.  Subhanallah, I couldn’t explain where the vibe was coming from, I started selling even before I finished the collection..

 Bare in mind I had only pictures of the dresses  on a mannequin taken with my phone. The positive feedback got me moving that my amazing models/ MUA/ photographer only got a short notice for a production shoot, yet everything went well and the end product was just awesome by the time I started posting my pro pictures, I had less than 5 wears left out of 40-50pcs….

Being in a state where everything seem hindered is not funny at all even for the fact that suicide was out of it, I was just not ruqayyah, I was far from being ruqayyah but what I didn’t do was remain where I did not belong, It was hard, if not the hardest thing ever but I took steps on a daily basis and guess what, I am still taking steps to better the present Ruqayyah. All I am trying to say is that: Asides the physical work most people think a good job requires, A good job also requires a good mental state to look it best…

 The problems are always going to be there, be determined to find the solutions….

Did I mention It took me just 2 weeks to purchase fabrics, design, sew and sell? Never underestimate the power in you…

#Be Happy

I am not going to add anything, I hope your spirit is as lifted as mine… please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section and If you would like to share your story/stories here on Barakah’s Thoughts please feel free to send a mail @mimahbash@gmail.com or send @ direct message on a Instagram @bkaystots.

you can check out Ruqayyah’s collection on a Instagram @Dreamwearsfashionworld.
And that’s it guys
See you in my next post In shaa Allah.

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  1. Hmmm…
    Alhamdulillah! May Allah SWT grant you absolu te peace of mind for He is sufficient for you.
    I remain your humble fan ~Hauwa~ and i must say, your creativity inspires me😚
    Salam alaykum warahmatullah… @Ruqayyah_dp

  2. Hmmm…
    Alhamdulillah! May Allah SWT grant you absolute peace of mind for He is sufficient for you. I remain your Humble fan ~Hauwa~ and i must say, your creativity inspires me😚
    Salam alaykum warahmatullah… @Ruqayyah_dp

  3. AlhamduliLlah.May Almighty Allah ease all your affairs and keep you happy always.Thanks for sharing your story with us cause we all have our days of depression.Your designs are amazing and In Shaa Allah I will soon patronize you@Ruqqayah_dp

  4. Alhamdulillahi, thank you for sharing your experience. Am going through depression for a while now and for some weeks now I finally broke down and could not even manage my business non myself but reading this now I have to try to heal my soul and be strong and May Allah grant us peace of mind. May Allah SWT continue to ease our affairs. You inspire me a lot and also respect your level of creativity.

  5. Alhamdulillah! We’ve been thought that in every situation, we should always give thanks to Almighty Allah. He knows what we are gonna be before we got to this world, He knows what we are now and He definitely knows what we are gonna be tomorrow, till we go back to Him in Jannah In Shaa Allah.
    He loves us too much to burden is with what we can’t bear.
    May He continue to ease our affairs and be light with us with His trials cuz we can’t avoid it.
    Alhamdulillah you’re fine now and I pray Almighty not put you back in that state Ma Shaa Allah.
    Tho I do not know you on personal grounds but I see my Mumeenat as my sisters.
    So my sister, Be Thankful, Be Happy and Be YOU.
    Much love sis 😍😍😍

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