GET TO KNOW ME: 70 Random Facts About Me….


As a blogger, it is very important to get feedbacks from your readers believe me it is one major thing that keeps me going in this blogging of a somethinggg. In December, A loyal blog reader sent me a dm asking why I never go personal on the blog.So I promised her that my first post in January will be a “get to know me” post but January came with loads of goodies that got me on my feet hence the late post. But I am here now. Hurrayyyyy!. I find it weird talking about me really. I don’t know why but hey, anything for my loyal readers.

So here are 70 random facts about this Arewa Pikin ( that’s a lot though.)

  1. My name is BARAKAH, not BARAKAT(where is the Kat coming from?)…if you have to add the T then add a U to it: BARAKAHTU
  2. I am in my early 20’s….. Gosh, growing up comes with loads of responsibilities
  3. I am a medical student in Turkey
  4. I am a big time daddy’s girl.
  5. I am a development worker and a freelancer
  6. I am low-key religious…  God, first
  7. I started working at the age of 14… it’s been a long time..(oya complete the song)
  8. I am always positive…in all circumstance. I mean why not. My God is ever living.
  9. I don’t wallow for long… while i am down or crying trust me i am 100 percent thinking about how to move on and most times my bounce back is always crazy.
  10. I am very organized… it’s fair to say I have obsessive compulsive disorder.
  11. I am very principled. … siblings call me the disciplinarian….. smh
  12. I always make friends with people older than me and i am always the youngest at work….probably the reason why people say I am nothing my age. but hey that’s a good compliment.mimss
  13. Are you full of negativities? oh really..byeeee i can’t stand negative people
  14. I hate competing.. we are fam, let’s succeed together
  15. I hate African Time…. Should I ever find the person who started it, I am sure to punch them right in the face. I am always on time
  16. I am short sighted… I use glasses even at home
  17. I am slim and small…  yea right!(i try not to go out when it is windy)
  18. I speak English,Hausa, Yoruba. A little Magyar,Arabic and turkish
  19. I rarely hangout.. do once in a blue moon but when I do, I make sure I have fun to the fullest
  20. i believe in mistakes… They have only shaped and made me
  21. My No is a No….. don’t try to hard to change my decision cos you are just gonna get frustrated…. My mum’s popular saying to me is ” you are so stubborn
  22. I never argue…. there is plenty other things to channel my energy to.
  23. I have zero tolerance for bullies… trust me i switch from a 0 to 100 when someone tries to be a bully.
  24. I have never prayed to be famous… i like peace too much to deal with all that comes with it.
  25. i always like to be behind cameras but somehow i end up in the front… I try to hide myself so people don’t get to know me… but the truth it’s not been working.
  26. I can be shy, but somehow my confidence cover it up and people don’t get to see it.
  27. Women with visions are my push buttons…. #girlpower
  28. I am a realist and can be blunt…
  29. I can listen for Africa, even when I know everything you are about to say, you have got my listening ears.
  30. I probably can give you reasons as to why some part of  your house is dirty, But your kitchen? Noo! i can’t stand dirty kitchens and i tryyyyyy not to use public washroom
  31. I love culture….
  32. I love reality shows.
  33. want to make me melt…have some courtesy/be polite irrespective of your age…
  34. I am always willing to learn and tap from people’s knowledge
  35. I am a junkie…..I always have them at home and in my bag. hence, my eating habit is horribly annoying.
  36. people say I am accommodating. I do agree with them.
  37. Modesty and comfortability are the main things I look for in an outfit.mims
  38. I never wear tight clothes, asides religious reasons, it affects my blood flow leading to an itchy body which i can’t stand.
  39. I don’t do trends at all ( i mean i just don’t like to do what everyone is doing) and i never use swear words.
  40. I love veggies. ….hardly do I ever cook without them.
  41. I  get dehydrated easily, so i always have water with me but i rarely drink cold water
  42. Watermelon is bae.  I could survive on it without food and water for months… (my fav fruit)
  43. I don’t have a favorite food …. but I don’t like solid, it makes me sleepy.
  44. I don’t take acidic fruits or gaseous drink due to bad peptic ulcer… Don’t be like me (eat healthy).it’s important.
  45. I am a 110 percent sarcasm is out of this world I joke a lot…. I just like it when everyone is happy
  46. I never believe when people shower praises on me….I am always like, I am not even that nice. lol
  47. I rarely get intimidated… My father used to say ” never allow anyone bully you and never be intimidated because in you in so much strength and confidence, I believe in your Abilities” ….Hi daddy.
  48. I enjoy watching football and basket ball…Hi Kobe
  49. I love to see people succeed most especially women… Joy! joy! joy!
  50. I can’t digest wheat so I eat bread occasionally…..
  51. flat shoes any day, at most wedges…. I rarely do heels.
  52. I have had only one foundation all my life and it’s not finished yet… I am not a fan of makeup. will rather have some extra sleep.Today’s kind of makeup takes away my confidence.I  find confidence in looking natural or at leaset an everyday subtle kind of make up.
  53. I don’t like English. I feel it’s one hard language
  54. I rarely use a spoon to eat, I feel like my mouth is going to tear.
  55. i can go a whole day without my phone so long as i know where it is.
  56. I never keep long nails and i am obsessed with clean nails. It’s one of the first things my eyes sees when i meet someone… dirty nail is such a turnoff.. lorrrrd!
  57. I am very lazy with making my hair because it is natural, long and takes the whole day to get it sorted out…
  58. you want to get my attention, wear a nice perfume..ot a heavy perfume… I love nice and subtle fragrances. I never go out without a pocket perfume and a hand sanitizer.
  59. When I am not schooling, I am either working or sleeping.
  60. Don’t try to get flirty with me.i find it really annoying… we can always have a benefiting conversation you know..
  61. I care less about guys really, all I do is have them as colleagues and relatives, i literally  know nothing about them and to be honest, i stuggle not.. (don’t even judge me) cos i am hoping i will change.
  62. I am very loyal….even to the pen I write with.
  63. I am never serious with issues related to me, but when it has to do with others, getting it sorted is a must.
  64. I can’t stand pain… I avoid anything painful.
  65. i am 0.0 percent romantic. all that mushiness works not for me.
  66. comedy movies all the way and some times Adventures
  67. I don’t like skirts. 90 percent of my clothes are maxi dresses.
  68. I don’t like noise…. you never find me in crowded places. mother nature is such a friend
  69. vanilla flavored ice cream any day any time
  70. I sometimes over think issues just because I don’t enjoy taking risks.

Such a long list… you now know a little about me, I would also like to know a little about you in the comment section, tell me at least one random fact about you and if you will like me to blog about anything specific. let me know and i will gladly do…



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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

20 thoughts on “GET TO KNOW ME: 70 Random Facts About Me….”

  1. Wowwwwww, such a great long list… hmmm, I think this has challenged me to make a list of myself too…

    Finally, awesome knowing a bit about Sister Barakah ☺️?

  2. Haaaa! How many years did it take you to write all this down. 70!!!!!!! Oti po ju. 0.0 romantic? I hope your future husband sees this. No 54!!! OSHE!!! I bile. I love using my hands to eat too, most times I use my hands to eat indomie. Some of my friends find it irritating. Do I really care?

    1. hahaha..ooosheey! Leems lifestyle bloggers do less of photos more of writing, spot the difference? it didn’t take much of my time actually…As regards my future husband, we shall survive…Thanks darling…

  3. Now I see why u ain’t real regular here, first of the year,when the month is almost ended, we forgive u sha.
    Babe….. We have a lot in common, I can’t go anywhere without water, beside my bed, there’s a jug of water, anything below 0.0% romantic is me, but you know we have to change, shey you know, our oko will not like it.

    I can’t even stop wowing,lol, we have so much in common, except that am a low-key Christian, am not daddy’s girl,, am not slim and small, am thick and big (reason why I don’t wear tight clothes, its always as if am naked, and I can’t stand perverts look).

    Team flat shoe ooo, I can’t even wedge it (they say it bad for a lady not to wedge or heel it,lol).

    It good to know about BARAKAT ? (I added the kat)

    1. hahahaha…i can’t stop laughing. at least i am forgiven, that’s good news. btw, i only put up post once in a week, so don’t be sad. lol. good to know we have lots in common. except that you forgot to add “high key trouble maker”. lol. thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wheew, that took me a while to finish reading, you really are an interesting person even though you try to sound like you not. Thank you for sharing, now i feel like i knw you.

  5. glad to knw abt sis Barakah…..Mashallah!More ink to ur pen(more data to ur fone).
    We av sme tins in common.
    1.I love goin natural not because i dont like it but i dont feel comfy in it.
    2.I am always with water too cos i get dehydrated easily.
    3.I hate wearing tight clothes.
    4.I hate being praised cos i knw am not nice.
    5.I dont like English,but wen we r talking abt Yoruba….i sabi speak it to d end.
    6.I tink i knw just one turkish language nd dats “Gurushiri”….i might not get d spelling rite but i knw it means bye-bye.
    Before i go ….i love u lillahi ,kizzez

    1. Awww.. MaashaaAllah..we sure do have alot in common. it is gurushurus or Gule gule which means bye bye. i love you too sister. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. 70… Wheeww. Imma do 100 soon. Great personality. Let me no flirt now before you will just ignore me ????. See ehhnn, we have to talk on that 0.0 % romantic part. Hire me….. I will take u through. Just keep my pay on the side. Vanilla ice cream….??.

  7. i cant finish reading traits its kinda of too short lols but i will continue from no 58 later ……cos my eye’s turning already but not dizzy…..but you should set question for this traits so that i can finish it on time ….no 45 AND 52 thou

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