From Know That?! to Learnt Something? (LS? :))

Halooooooo guuuuuys….there is a way i say that,if i have the chance i would say that in a video and you will love it..yeaaaaaa Yeah! LOL!

I hope you guys are doing well ooo jare……. this is just to know how everyone is doing as well as inform you guys about a bit of change.So remember last week i blogged about introducing “know That?” on to my blog, now i will be changing that to ”Learnt Something?” :). I just totally feel it sounds better as well as pass the message better…And i hope i am not offending anyone…..


So,it’s all in the name of making things guys are very understanding i know,So no one is gonna have issues with that,yea?

And that’s it guys..

Do enjoy the rest of the week..

I Love y’all 🙂

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