Sometimes, Something really good happens to you in life  and Admist celebration and the happy mood, you just remember something about you or something you have done that literally takes you back to your past and before you know it, there is a mood change and you begin to feel you don’t deserve much in life.

I want to be better,i don’t want to keep switching moods, I have done things i shouldn’t do in life and i am not proud of them, those things are really bad, so much that i don’t think i can ever forgive myself.  Well…..

“Anger, shame, guilt, bitterness are toxic energy, That toxic energy is locked somewhere in your body ” we carry all these around, Makes it hard to be able to forgive others, Talk more of ourselves.

Why is it hard to forgive ourselves? We all of have days that we sit down blaming ourselves for Decisions we have made in Our lives, That have brought us to this moment. We wonder why we keep making same mistakes,Experiencing the feeling of hopelessness and why we are not where we thought we would be in life. We keep asking ourselves why we did this and that.

sometimes the person we must forgive is ourselves..-2

Give yourself grace, Forgive yourself and free yourself.  Forgiving yourself may seem like an impossible task, But by holding that guilt, shame and resentment, We only keep punishing ourselves. Most of us have regrets, things left unsaid and buried deep inside. But without forgiveness the past will Always find it’s way into our present and if not careful our future.

It’s important to move on and get past your past. Alot of people die with a heavy heart and not been able to fulfil their dreams and purpose. Because alot of us find it hard to forgive ourselves we find it difficult to pay attention to alot, for example, comparing who you want to be life to who you are presently and so on.  If you cheated, went to jail, lied, lost a job, hurt alot of people, FORGIVE YOURSELF. You can’t live life the way you are suppose to, Until you look into the mirror and tell yourself ” I FORGIVE MYSELF”

Even if you choose to forgive others first, Be sure to also forgive yourself and recognise it’s not late to start all over again. Forgive yourself for your faults and mistake and move on. In other to hear, to get love, we must first forgive and sometimes the person we must forgive is ourselves..

I love y’all



Reference:In the heart of every man  & Iyanla Vanzant

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