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If i told you what inspired this you won’t believe me…. Trust me, I pay attention to all that happens around me, When i mean all, I mean every little detail and try to get the best out of all….That’s not necessarily good but what can i do?  And what can you do Either????…

This is me just scrolling through my phone and seeing all my plate of dishes, And i am like, I cook like this!, Chaiiiiiiii!  Nooo oooo! i refuse to delete this photos and the ones to come, cos i literally take photos of everything i cook,why? i don’t know (And at the end of the day, i delete them)…

So instead of deleting them, we are going to be having a food gallery on the blog,where i can post those pictures and tell you all about them or the reason behind the cooking and the post…


Howeverrrrrrrrrrrr, I refuse to be a food blogger,not because of anything,just because there are a lot of them out there that i can easily refer to, so don’t expect any ”food blogger format” hereeee.. it’s just gonna be another me in another category..Boom! you feel me? lol

Should incase you want recipe, don’t be shy,just comment nicely and i will gladly respond….Yeahhh Yeah! …..So watch out!

I love Youuuuuu

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