So i have been having exams lately and so i thought i should talk to you guys about exams…….

so yea…i am going to be telling you guys what i do exactly prior to my exams to help me prepare for my exams……

  • I sweep away all obstacles that could disturb my Focus (e.g,home sick,issues with people,stress and so on),this is to get me mentally prepared for the task ahead
  • I give myself enough time to study,by setting a timetable for study,i.e i get to know how many exams i have to write and make a timetable,because most times you have to give more time to one course that the other,this is to avoid cramming at the last minute and it also gives you a better understanding of your courses as well as boost your confidence
  • I study in an area where i feel very comfortable studying,the library and sometimes my room,this might not be a comfortable area for you,all you need do is to no where exactly you feel comfortable studying.

  • I use a whole lot of past papers,not because they might come out in the exams,but because they give me an insight to certain places i have to focus on,so most times after i am done studying the main materials,i go through past papers to help me prepare for the exams
  • i also use diagrams,chats and mnemonics,just to aid remembrance during my exams
  • I try to help people with what i have studied,in form of explaining what i have learn to them,this benefit me as well in the sense that it helps me get what i have learnt clear in my head and to also highlight specific area i need to work on
  • I take break when i have to while studying,some exams can be difficult due to the fact one has a whole lot of material to cover,but you still need to take a break when you should
  • I sleep when i have to,sometimes all i need is some minutes sleep after hours of studying
  • I get everything ready before your exams,i mean pencils,pens calculators,identity card an so on 
  • Sometimes the materials can be so much that i feel,i can’t do it,whereas i can,so i try to keep a positive a positive attitude all through my exam/study period
  • Sometimes i need motivations,so i put stickers around my room that reminds me of the reason why i have to get through with it
  • I stay away from friends or people that will get me too nervous or confused before my exams,most especially when it’s an oral exam

Sometimes,even after doing all this and even more the outcome don’t really turn out as expected,but hey! don’t stress over it,test scores do not determine your future,be positive,be optimistic and be determined……keep up the hard work and prayers and you are sure to get there…..

and that’s it guys…..


Much love:)

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