Ever considered a ‘praylist’?

There is a reason why the prophet was admonished to write just after he read.
You won’t know the power of writing until you make effort, you won’t know clearly what exactly you have in your head until you develop the habit of penning things down..
The saying:

The memory of man has the disease of forgetfulness”

Further emphasizes the importance of writing.

I find it quite weird that people think they have to be professionals to write, makes me wonder if we have actually chosen to be unaware of the fact that there are different levels to writing.

For me the issue was choosing what to write and what not to write, I find myself writing a lot of things but not writing a lot of things at the same time, There was definitely something that will do me good which I wasn’t writing…

At some point in the year I started a coaching session and during one of my classes, I was reminded again to pen down important things that come to my mind regularly.
I knew these things but I would often gives excuses like; I can’t stand up now to get my pen jare or I will write it later e.t.c
Guess who forgets later, Me.

I love love making Du’as and I love it when people make Du’as for me as well. However earlier, I found out that whenever I prayed and made Du’as, I would always leave one important Du’a out, until my fear comes to live, it then dawn on me so bad, that I didn’t pray about it.
Or the fact that I am not as intentional about my Du’as or I am not as orderly with them.

I get so mad when I finish salah and then remember I didn’t make a particular Du’a while on the Sajdah, you may say but you could still make it afterwards, yea but I want to make on the Sajdah, in the moment…

Here is what penning down my Du’a has helped me:

Bond more with Allah.
Ask Allah for more.
Stay focused.
Gain clarity.
Realize the value of certain things and people.
Become more compassionate.
Dream big.
Help stay humble and so on.

You won’t know the magic until you try it. I really want you to enjoy what I am enjoying, So how about you make the move today?


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