#Eidspecial: Top 5 cocktails you’ve got to try this Eid-Zainy chops and cocktails.

Asides the fact that cocktail is a drink made with fresh ingredients it is also a drink made by hand from scratch by seasoned professionals ( hey! don’t be scared, you can make some too), the stirring, shaking and blending during the preparation can be super exciting and can be quite a show as well, Eid is a special occasion and it is often celebrated by preparing nice refreshing meals, desserts, and drinks, Hi Bkay readers my name is Zainab,I am a professional Mixologist and I am the CEO of ZAINY CHOPS AND COCKTAILS..I will be sharing with you Top 5 cocktails you have got to try this Eid. So here we go:


Ingredient: Sprite, Fanta, lime juice, orange juice, grenadine, and cucumber.

Preparation: Get equal part of Fanta and Sprite mixed, add a cup of orange juice, grenadine and a little bit of lime juice and then slice in your cucumber, this gives the Chapman a lovely taste.


Fruit punch

Ingredient: Orange juice, Pineapple juice, Apple juice, cranberry juice, red grape juice and lime juice.

Preparation: Pour all ingredients into a mixing jug and add just a dash of lime juice and then slice in all the fruits of the juices involved (anyone available). then serve with ice.



Blue Lagoon

Ingredient: Sprite, Blue curaçao, pineapple juice lime juice or Wilson lemonade juice. I prefer the lemonade.
Preparation: Mix all ingredient in a mixing jug, the Sprite first with a little blue curaçao, little pineapple juice and also a little lemonade stir and serve with ice.
Green Lagoon 
Ingredient: Pineapple juice, orange juice, and blue curaçao
Preparation: Pour the pineapple juice with a little orange juice and add little blue curaçao in a mixing jug and stir you can shake all ingredient if u wish and pour in a glass filled with ice.
Note: there are two ways to get ur green color but this the easiest that can be done at home.


Strawberry Daiquiri 
Ingredient: Strawberry, fruit, strawberry, purée, strawberry syrup, grenadine lime juice, and ice to blend.
Preparation: Pour all the ingredient in little quantity, add little lime juice and add ice to make it frozen. If not frozen keep adding ice and add grenadine so as not to lose it color and taste.

And that’s it guys, feel free to chat me up in the comment section if you have any questions and you can also follow me on INSTAGRAM @ZAINY CHOPS AND COCKTAILS.

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Do have a wonderful Eid…..

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