EBH #6: V health: Every woman’s ‘woman-ness’

It goes without saying, the most intricate, most delicate, most need-to-be-paid attention to the part of every woman’s woman-ness is the Vagina. And of course, all that’s about or relates to it. Yet, most women have a hard (or is it don’t give enough) time treating it. There is so much to talk about when it comes to vaginal health. But what is almost every woman’s dilemma is that stench… yo! Ugh.

Disclaimer: Every Vagina should have a peculiar odor. Scratch that, every vagina has a peculiar odor. Any persistent or severe changes -especially when accompanied by itching and odd discharge- in this peculiarity is what may be cause for alarm. The Vagina is designed as an ecosystem where certain habitual harmless bacteria (we refer to as Normal Flora? survive. Because they are living organisms which metabolise, respire and grow, they need certain favorable conditions to do so. A combination of vaginal fluid (which cleanses and lubricates) and the microbes makes the vaginal discharge which gives the vagina its characteristic odor. Now that you are breathing fine.. Every one wants to smell good. Married or not, the vaginal odor can affect one’s self-esteem and smell good? often equals feel good. For the sake of this post, l give you three tips to a healthier and better smelling vagina.

1. Eat Right: Like our lifestyle, everything we eat is physiologically consequential. Your diet can increase or decrease vaginal odor. This is why vaginal odor varies with seasons or social circumstances. Eat right & hydrate well. Incorporate rich foods in your diet Foods like yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy vagina. Reduce intake of foods with strong odor like garlic and onions, especially raw.

2. Let it breathe Ladies, what’s worse than a smelly vagina is a damp-sweaty-smelly-all-in-one vagina! Let it breathe, please. Cotton panties might seem old school but they are every woman’s best friend. Aside comfort, they allow your vagina to breathe -which helps air the stench. If you are one of many ladies who rush out of the bathroom without drying yourself with a napkin or tissue after washing, you do your vagina a great disservice. Because not only do you worsen your current odor situation, you make yourself vulnerable to infections. Not so-#FUNFACT: bacteria like moisture. (: Finally ladies…

3. Musk up! The best thing that could ever-ever-ever happen to your vagina is MUSK. Bliss! Musk is a naturally sourced (hence, organic) substance which has a pleasant and persistent smell. Amazing fact is that studies have shown that it does not alter the pH of the Vagina (means, it’s gynaecologically safe), improves vaginal odor by removing the stench, cleanses and -cherry on top- it has antibacterial activity specific for invading (not normal flora) bacteria which means, helps prevents infections! Round of applause for musk, please!!! So Ladies, let’s upgrade, shall we?!

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