EBH #1:Fun facts about wedding nights

Wedding Nights! Every lady’s scare! I am really excited for this segment and I really want to dive straight into the real talks as I have been married for 2 years now and yes! just like some you sisters, my mum told me nothing! well, all thanks to google. But is google enough? we will find out… In the main time my name is Didi (not real name) and here are some fun facts about wedding nights…


Chances are that your husband is as nervous as you are. He is just trying to form boss! Yes! so relax!


You might be too tired to say jack depending on the kind of wedding you have. All that might happen is that you both pray or (and) sleep.


Should anything eventually happen, you both might struggle with positions, which you may actually find extra funny only if you are relaxed otherwise you won’t notice…


For some reason, you might just think someone will walk in on you both, silly tho! But ensure main doors are locked.


Both of you might just decide not to do anything but talk, which is very good most especially if it is an arranged marriage or you both aren’t comfortable around each other..


Your Husband might continously ask if you are okay that you will almost tell him to shut up.


You might want to get all spontaneous but you keep telling yourself not to because you don’t want the brother to think you are wayward. (Story of my life)


Chances are that, the only memorable part of the night will be the fact that it is your wedding Night but the intimacy part is nothing compared to the future ones… If you don’t know why, we will find out in one of my write ups here.


You might just be overly hungry and the brother, excessively hungry if anything happen, it’s is adviced to always have some snack around….


No matter how big your house is, to you every little sound you make is that of a volcano eruption, so you might find yourself whispering so as not to wake your neighbors….

Bonus! – Something would be telling you to run inside the washroom just to change your clothes and when you finally change into this amazing lingerie, the brother might not notice is or not notice as much you want him to. ( that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one o.)

That’s it guys, if you feel anything is missing please feel free to comment below..

I will see you guys soon In shaa allah.

Assalamu Alaikum…

3 thoughts on “EBH #1:Fun facts about wedding nights”

  1. Beautiful write up… I’m not married yet.. But this had given me an idea of what’d would happen then…may Allah make it easy.. BarakAllahu fihi darling sis

  2. SubhanAllah,am imagining all sort of things already😁. Not married yet,but the write up really helps to mentally prepare for the experience. Jazakillahu khairan

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