Domestic Violence

And she was asked: why don’t you leave if you go through all these???
she replied: I STILL LOVE HIM……..

Listening to Victims of Domestic violence….

Domestic violence (also domestic abuse, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, battering or family violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person in a domestic context against another, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Intimate partner violence is domestic violence by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner.

Domestic violence can take a number of forms including physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse, which can range from subtle, coercive forms to marital rape and to violent physical abuse that results in disfigurement or death.

Really,we have an increased amount of domestic violence in 21st century???? i mean what sense does that make,everyday you hear of one or the other…..

just thinking of how the ”my life will not be complete without you,you are my soul,my better half and the usuals changed in a day? and suddenly,that once beautiful most amazing being,that one you can’t live without suddenly turned a punching bag

Majority of these women say: We were happy and suddenly He changed….Haaa! Change!!!

The same woman,who will not eat until you are home,the same woman who takes care of your kids,laundry,the entire household i mean,no matter how busy she is, she still feels it’s her duty to satisfy your needs,this is same woman you feel deserves to be punched every single day, you now not only punch ooo,you throw her things out in the middle of the night,you really don’t want to know what exactly happens afterwards,she Always has to beg her way through, either by herself or via relatives (cos of love)..even when relatives choose to fight you,she insist on the opposite,then she gets an Apology and then she gets physically or sexually punch over and over Again….poor thing,……when she is almost dead,you divorce her!!!!!!!!!! that’s if she doesn’t end up dead…if she doesn’t,you sure must have left her with permanent marks/scars to remember you everyday of her life…..

You are having issues with your partner and the only way to deal with it, is via violence! ?????
just thinking! if our parent had dealt with it that way,i am sure none of us will still have them….

”i am the best man on earth cos i don’t hit my wife,but i cheat on her,i cheat on her with her best friend/friends,i cheat on her on fb and social networks, or at work,i frustrate her in the house,it easy not to eat her her food,i scream and yell at her,i receive phone calls in the middle of the night,i order/boss her around,i never compliment her”……..
(really! how disgusting!!!!)

This is just to tell you that,today we think we are awesome cos,we don’t hit our wives but frustrates them emotionally ….isn’t that INSANE…..

To every man who treats his wife like she is nothing, your son is watching your example and your daughter is now in danger of marrying a man like you

To every victim of D.Violence: you may feel weak,but within you is the strength to leave,within you is the strength to overcome and achieve that which you deserve….

A HOUSE WHERE A WOMAN IS UNSAFE IS NOT A HOME…..1322752887violentastop_domestic_violence_2_rectangle_sticker

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