the diary of a Fresh graduate: the moment you drop your pen…

Dear Diary,
As a Nigerian student,the moment you drop your pen after your final paper, Your life literally changes,everyone begin to call you a graduate,The celebration and jubilation is real as completing 4 years in a Nigerian University is no joke, especially in a school where you meant to spend 4 years but ended up spending 5 years or even more. (you already know why).

As in every normal Nigerian Instituition, we had loads of activities which the exciting one was dancing around the school, I had a bad experience over that though and the reason why is because *I hate running, yes!!!’ Am not fit ,you can say that all over again, *i won’t be pained*(well Maybe!).

I learnt during my primary school days that I couldn’t run to save a life. I remember when we were all kept on tracks In primary school,the teachers felt well,this little girl that always had so much energy around her should represent her house,the idea was cool to all until the sport master blew his whistle to pick the best and lo and behold our darling girl was still with her two hands on the track,bending and staring at her mates,until a teacher shouted at the little girl to run and she tried to pick race with her wobbly legs to join others. All this while she could swear she was running but the teachers felt she was dancing.

They gave her another chance and then they realized she just wasn’t caught up for that,let her stay in her pretty little acting lane! Am not that proud till date that I never went beside anything close to running,I pray I don’t get chased by a lion one of these days, Say Amen!!!!!

After my last paper,my classmates and I decided we were going around to celebrate by dancing and singing around the school,Immediately we took off I learnt the harsh way as the juniors were also celebrating with us.I regretted joining them in this manner ,so I chose to pass another way instead of going with my mates,little did I know those guys positioned themselves already at those strategic points,yes! you guessed right they were with buckets of water and no, I didn’t want such cold water on my body,only God knows where they got those from,my friends and I moved forward thinking we could buy our way out of them doing the same to us as they did with everyone else ,but *sobs, we only exposed ourselves the more,my friends were fit *covers face hiannnn * (do not laugh at me).

You can tell what happened next when my friends realized the guys were coming straight at us with buckets and bowls full of water,you can’t imagine what I went through that day,I sneezed out alot,I was wet and cried a little,because graduates don’t cry!!! Yes Graduates don’t cry. (Not to sure about now that recession exist).

Well,all that I mean to say is, as a Nigerian who studied in a Nigerian school,It is typical for you to get a cold bath and to have people write all sorts on your shirt after your last paper.

I gave myself a little congratulation and celebration treat later that evening by visiting a restaurant that I have been saving particularly for a special occasion so I could treat my taste bud to something different from the concoction,gala and soda drink I relied on during my exams. yum, the ice cream was so nice with their flavored pancakes,I completely forgot about my water bath when the yummy combination was melting right on my taste buds. I wasn’t really expected to share with anyone as no body joined me in my water bath.(It was justified).
And oh yes! from that day, my journey as a fresh graduate began…

Introducing the diary of a fresh graduate, My name is Rafiah.

Kindly give feedbacks in the comment section.

See you guys next week thursday….

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  1. hmmm……i cant really say something much cos am not graduate yet but i do see feel it from fresh graduate….so i agreed with you ……the water bathing is happening everywhere i can relate to my ND lols

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